BOSTON SIGNAGE PROJECT (97 of #100bostonsigns)
The Atlas Lofts is a thriving 53-unit apartment building in a redeveloped area of Chelsea. In the early 1900s it was the location of a cardboard box factory that served much of New England. The developers wisely retained the century-old signage. •

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BOSTON SIGNAGE PROJECT (96 of #100bostonsigns)
Adjacent to the Cambridge Common in historic Harvard Square, the Commander has been a landmark since it was opened in 1927. The hotel pays homage to George Washington, who took command of the Continental Army in here in 1775. Back in the sixties it became one of the first franchised Sheraton hotels. The signature red neon sign still towers overhead outside, one of the few remaining roof-mounted signs in the city.

BOSTON SIGNAGE PROJECT (95 of #100bostonsigns)

On Congress Street in the Fort Point area of the Seaport District stands this vintage brick building. Currently it is home to Lucky's Lounge, a hidden speak-easy club known for its retro feel and Sinatra-style live music. On the back of the building visible from Summer Street is this vertical ghost sign, most of which is illegible except for "Metal Stamping and Plating."

BOSTON SIGNAGE PROJECT (94 of #100bostonsigns)
On the corner of Blackstone and Hanover Streets stands this beautiful old building which still displays several ghost signs on all sides. Bostonia Cigars was founded by Frank X. Oberle, who immigrated from Germany in the late 1800s.

BOSTON SIGNAGE PROJECT (93 of #100bostonsigns)
Here on the on Southern Artery in Quincy is the very first Dunkin’ Donuts. Back when it opened in 1950, coffee was sold for a dime and a script sign of the original logo was displayed over the door. In subsequent years the store went through several renovations, lost its uniqueness, and looked like all the other DD's out there. But in 2011, the shop went back to its roots and did a retro-renovation and replicated the original sign.

BOSTON SIGNAGE PROJECT (92 of #100bostonsigns) This spot on Congress Avenue in Chelsea was a longstanding home to the popular El Dorado Bakery until it was destroyed by fire in late 2013. The brick wall of the adjacent building was exposed once the charred remains were removed, revealing an amazing Pillsbury painted ghost sign which had been unseen for decades.

BOSTON SIGNAGE PROJECT (91 of #100bostonsigns) McDonald’s on Gallivan Boulevard in Dorchester still has the rare giant “M” sign that extends to the ground in front of the restaurant. Apparently it is one of only two @McDonalds left in the state to have this double-arch style (the other is in Northampton, MA).

BOSTON SIGNAGE PROJECT (90 of #100bostonsigns) For decades Arthur Sparr owned and operated this drug store/medical supply shop/luncheonette around the corner from Boston's famous hospitals in the Longwood medical area. It was one of the few places on earth where you could shop for a stethoscope while waiting for your turkey club. He closed the business in 2002 and the building was eventually sold to Harvard Medical School. Luckily this high-quality ghost sign remains. Thanks to @kmclarke for spotting.

BOSTON SIGNAGE PROJECT (89 of #100bostonsigns) This old brick building in Cambridge now houses a dentist and tanning salon, but still reveals a sign of yesteryear as a reminder where you could go to get top-notch french bread pizza and scali rolls.

BOSTON SIGNAGE PROJECT (88 of #100bostonsigns)
On the corner of Central Ave and Shurtleff Street in Chelsea is this set of bizarre double ghost signs. Each square has 2 ads from different time periods overlaying each other. On the left is "You'll go for Y-KOF cough syrup" combined with "Visit our Fountain". On the right is "Sold Drug Counters" covering an old Coca-Cola ad.

Sign project is back on. Thanks to @peterstringer and @alexdilo5 for getting my ass back in gear. Here's a sneak peek at sign 88 of #100bostonsigns.

BOSTON SIGNAGE PROJECT (87 of #100bostonsigns) This great neon sign and old-school clock sit atop a two-piece dining car known as Kelly's Diner in Somerville.

BOSTON SIGNAGE PROJECT (86 of #100bostonsigns) There's no shortage of Coke ghost signs in the city and this one resides on the side of a brownstone on the corner of Rutland Square and Columbus Ave in the South End. Strangely enough it's paired up with another aging painted sign on the same wall – a vintage logo of longtime rival Pepsi.

BOSTON SIGNAGE PROJECT (83 of #100bostonsigns) Along Cummins Highway in the heart of Mattapan, this Model Cleansers ghost sign is easy to miss because it faces an alley.

BOSTON SIGNAGE PROJECT (82 of #100bostonsigns) Suspension Specialists was was originally established by George Arcand in 1908, and was primarily a blacksmith shop fixing suspensions on horse carriages. They are still around servicing vehicles of all sizes, and sporting a classic red sign with a great sharp-angled typeface.

BOSTON SIGNAGE PROJECT (73 of #100bostonsigns) Wedged into one of the neighborhoods of Everett and surrounded by two-family residences on Bucknam Street is this fantastic out-of-place Coke ghost sign. Kudos to @klhutch3 for spotting this one.

BOSTON SIGNAGE PROJECT (72 of #100bostonsigns) One of the nicest ghost signs in the commonwealth is located on Summer Street in Southie at the former home of the Terkelsen Machine Company, "manafacturers of spiral washing machines."

For @m_town_dan & @gnicholson3's #IGstyleguide, I will show you how I created a vintage look for my Mul's Diner sign pic (71 of #100bostonsigns). I love retro signs, and Mul's was a no brainer for the sign project, but the original pic was a bit flat and needed some serious help:  I shot the original with the sun behind me in Camera+ ($0.99) which has become my go-to app for shooting with the iPhone.  Still in Camera+ I cropped it square, then applied the Clarity filter. It didn't quite have the definition I was looking for, so I applied Clarity a second time by saving it to the camera roll and then re-import it into Camera+. After the 2nd Clarity, I used the Polarize effect at 100% to make the color pop.  Imported into QBro ($1.99) and used the LomoPia filter at 75% to add some vignette and give the center focus.  For the finishing touches I used Pic Grunger ($0.99) and applied the following settings: Aged Effect, Studio Style, Half Strength, Border On, Newsprint Texture. This gives the photo a cool worn-out look, as if you found it in your grandfathers attic. #igstyleguide_01 #diptic #diner #tut #tips #howto #tutorial

BOSTON SIGNAGE PROJECT (71 of #100bostonsigns) Mul's Diner is a hidden gem with a vintage feel and a favorite of the locals in Southie. Thanks to @headbaker for pointing the way to this one.

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