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De hoje 💜

Harry Kane:“I see my future at Tottenham. I want to be a one-club man.”😍
Do you think he will stay at our club throughout his career?😉
#SpursArmy #COYS

Girls Friends 😍


You stoped kissing Emilio and looked back at Ivan he was so disappointed he ran out the door and into his uber and left you sat on the couch and hugged emi while crying and sat there for about an hour cause you were so frustrated and emi stayed with you the whole time when Ivan got home emi ran into his room so it did not look like you have been cuddling when Ivan walks through the door he does not talk to you just goes to his room and sits there he kept the door open so you could see him sitting there with his head down you did not want to talk to him so you texted him TEXT CONVO y/n-Ivan I'm so sorry I just got caught up in the moment Ivan looked at you and texted you back Ivan-y/n I'm not mad I'm just confused I thought I could trust you and I thought you liked me y/n-but that is the thing I do I actually love you Ivan idk why I kissed him I'm falling for you guys I mean look at you what do you want me to say and do Ivan walks out of his room without saying anything and just runs over and hugs you you hug him back and start to cry y/n-I'm so sorry I love you Ivan-y/n it's okay I love you to pleas stop crying..... #l4l ❤️❤️❤️ #100likes

One last time

ردود فعل باعة سوق جدحفص


You’re a good girl and always have been, but deep down, you think there is more to life than always following the rules, and there’s a part of you that craves for the unknown 🌚
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