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69/100 #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK
It's been a while, not sure what happened except I had a few really bad weeks anxiety wise and summer is busy. Hope to get back to this practice of self worth.
Today I am reminding myself that my message, my voice matters. Just because I'm notbthe first to create something doesn't mean what I have to contribute isn't important. I am powerful and smart and I can help women and do it my way.

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68/100 #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK
I am feeling good rocking a swimsuit! Not only am I feeling more comfortable and never even wear my cover up, I asked to go swimming last weekend! Never happens.
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66/100 #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK

Not every day on my journey is perfect but I'm still proud of days that are rough. We went on a 4 day vacation with extended family and I had a slight panic attack one day and a massive one the next that made my body shut down and I napped for 5 hours.
It was rough but I'm proud that besides those two small incidents I wasn't anxious the rest of the time. I stayed up late, I took control of stressful conversations and I went swimming 3 days in a bikini and let others swim with my 2 year old without me.
I did fucking amazing. Some parts were rough but that's okay and I'm still proud.
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65/100 #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK
This mma wore a swimsuit today and didn't think twice about it!

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63/100 #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK
I am continually in awe of myself and amazed with the progress I've made on my recovery.
Today, I decided it would be LESS stressful to go on a walk with my 2 year old than stay home. A year or so ago, I could barely walk to the car without a panic attack.
Go me!
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62/100 #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK
Mamahood win today, it's been a lonf day but I've been very calm and very present and playing.

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61/100 #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK
I am a good photographer. I know I've posted this before but I need to give myself this mantra today for various reasons. I am an artist and my work is beautiful.
This photo is from 2009 and I was experimenting with digital pinhole images.
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60/100 #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK
I am proud of myself for rocking the family party that *I* put together yesterday. I didnt have to go hide, I engaged in conversation and had fun. (Picture is me holding my 2 month old niece)
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59/100 #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK
This is the face of a happy girl who is about 80% done with the new video for my business and I am super proud of the outcome and all that I've put into it <3

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58/100 #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK
I am proud that I don't feel ashamed. My face is still rounder from being on steroids for almost 6 months but I'm still beautiful for being strong through being ill, I am beautiful because I had the strength to accept help and allow others to watch my son for 12 days whild I was in the hospital. I am beautiful because I am trying to see myself as beautiful.
Why are you beautiful? Shout it from the rooftops and share using #yestobeautiful
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57/100 #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK
I forgive myself for my impatience today.
This is my...hot, sweaty I hate summer and it's not even summer yet, I have a pounding headache from bug chemicals and I haven't yelled at my toddler today so win!...face.

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56/100 #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK
I love my lips. They have always been my second favorite physical feature (eyes are first). <3 #100dayproject #the100dayproject

55/100 #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK
I've been awesome at taking initiative lately. If someone suggests an idea we could collaborate on, I jump on it and start brainstorming and researching. I'm becoming a go get it girl and it's awesome!
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54/100 #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK
Been a few days! Not sure what happened but let's see if I can get back in the swing of this.
I am proud of sticking by my choices. My son is not transitioning well to daycare and has suddenly developed bad separation anxiety. Instead of just stopping because I don't want to see him cry, I'm trudging through and doing what I can to comfort and ease the transition for both of us. It's the best decision and will be good in the long run if we stick to it.
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53/100 #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK
I was a very present mama today! We played outside a lot and goofed off and I didn't start to get overwhelmed until about 3 so major win!

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52/100 #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK
I make good choices, well thought out choices for my son.

This is the face of a mama whose 2 year old sobbed and hung on for dear life at daycare drop off this morning. I had to pull the car over to cry and call my husband to calm me down.
Going easy on myself and trying to remember that this is the best for both of us and he's going to enjoy it and thank me someday.
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51/100 #100DaysOfSelfWorthByKK
Why yes, I did just buy a skirt that is above my knees! I've always hated my legs and last summer was the first time ever that I wore 2 skirts that were floor length. I found a cute purple short skirt at the thrift store today and said I'm doing this shit! So now I just need to shave above the knee so I can wear it! Ha!

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