“It was a slow, lazy morning. The kind that made you feel like being wrapped up in a gentle cocoon and watching the sun filter through the dust while in bed.”
I drank some coffee today! It’s been a while :) .
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70/100 Sumi napkins!! Recently commissioned to create some one of kind napkins for a wedding gift. @littleone08 @stagewithles my new agent ❤️brilliant idea❤️ #100dayproject #100daychallenge #sumiprints #paintedprints #sumilove #allyouneedisles #weddinggift

Day 73/100. Card making. For a friend who just had rotator cuff surgery. Her daughter saw it and said “this looks like you, Mom—your chair, quilt and hair!” Best compliment ever! 😂#100dayproject #100daywacocalligraphyguild #100dayscalligraphyproject

80/100 Little night painting of the ridge from our cabins. Last night together with my family. Talking with each other about old times, pondering still not having a phone, and thinking about how many families don’t get to be together. #the100dayproject #100dayproject #100daysofrepetition #stephuntz100 #hugyourkids #watercolor

Happy #firstdayofsummer from the #staycation files. What was a movie theater in my childhood, and shuttered for years, is now the Mission St @drafthouse - good for bev, high-end snacks and screenings. Also featured: @thebullandbear @lostweekendvideo EDIT: this drink was created by my ‘tender and is his favorite—the Cool Jerk. Spicy salted rim, pineapple rum base, and perfect for a Mission District Summer Kick off.

80/100 // Once again, it’s a fine line to walk between protecting your kids and letting them learn, experience, and grow.

Day 80/100 of #100dayproject - In 2003 I went with Hilary during her Christmas break from Utah State to visit her mission and Mission President in Londrina, Brasil. They were all so excited to see her and were so kind to us. I loved it but I have NEVER been so HOT. I understood why she cut her hair all off while she was there. It’s all about the people that make us love a place!
Now, as a busy mom of four, she works one evening and one morning a week as a dietitian for a pediatric group, and during one particular appointment she had a set of parents meet with her to talk about some issues with their child. The father was doing all of the talking until Hilary asked a question that he didn’t know the answer to, and he turned to his wife and spoke to her in Portuguese. After she answered, Hilary talked to her directly in Portuguese, much to her surprise. Then the appointment was so much more relaxed and productive, a blessing for those parents and a lovely opportunity for her in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Today’s sentiment isn’t mine but from @drwillcole. My friend @meghan.jenks shared it with me earlier today, and when it arrived in my inbox, it was as if I could feel the earth shake - it resonated so deeply in my soul.
It’s only natural to feel angry, frustrated, and exhausted with our bodies at times. At times, it can feel like our illnesses have taken away all of the qualities we love in ourselves. Our bodies can feel broken and spent. (I’m raising my hand high for that this week.)
Earlier this week, I told a friend that it’s okay to metaphorically stomp your feet or slam a door, if that will get you through a hard day. (It’s gotten me through them, too.)
But, ultimately, beneath that anger and fear, should be love. Love for a body that gets you through each day. Love for a body that lets you take in a deep breath of someone you love. Love for a body that can still feel the first day of summer’s hot sun. You can’t heal a body that you hate. #100thoughtsonhealing

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