Busted out the table 🙏 Time's they are a changing, and I couldn't ask for any better 😊👌🍍 #surfacepro #numark #goodvibes #newday #newme #portland #beonthelookout #50tree #503 #oregonhiphop

Alright #instafam, let's have a chat. So as some of you know, I was prepping to go out and manipulate a safe this week (which means open by touch). Now I'm fully aware that this takes hours and years of practicing this to be successful at it, at a high rate; like 90%. Now I didn't fully manipulate this safe open, it just so happens that the guy who used to own it like 30 years ago in Cali, set the combination for all the wheels to land on 25. So about 15 minutes in when I got to checking number 25 and feeling for the gate it threw the bolt, I turned the lever and my eyes lit up.
Here's the thing, I got a chance to go out and to clock in on my 10000 hours. #malcolmgladwell I will probably never get another safe set to 25's after 30 years. And I knew that it was highly unlikely that I was going to succeed at the task in the time frame it made sense (moneywise) to give it. But if I never would have gone out I never would've won the job, and don't be mistaken that not getting the safe open is losing the job, it is an extra perk when you do succeed at the task. Remember, the attempt at the task is as, or sometimes more valuable then the succeeding of the task. That is the way that life works. And just to keep it real, when that safe opened I did sit back, cross my arms and think, "Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta."

My baby is not a baby she surprised me this morning this video just melts my heart #princessskye #ellamai #10000hours @ellamai

*runs to Georgia to look for the prettypack* 😂😂

I love him so much❤️ my favorite thing he’s ever said, and its people like you who keep me motivated to chase the singing career 💕 | credit : @yarikuwonu

Precious 😂❤️

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