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Confía en las señales... sin miedo.
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Featuring STAGE TV SHOW's STAR :

Live at The #1 venue in Southern California
______Time Nightclub______

Along with :


Info & reservations: 949 436 7375

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FIVE new Ella Tanks dropping tomorrow! #1 - Seamist Starfish Tank! Comment "⭐& #34; if you like this Tank! 🙌

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@ersayuner #1 ben söyleyince bile güzel oluyosa iyi şarkıdır😂 seviyorum seni Ersay... #tatlımtatlım

The #prosecret to a matte and natural finish foundation ☝ Super Matte Loose Powder available in 16 shades among which 5 corrective shades: - #0 White, #1 Ivory: brightens fair complexions - #2 pale pink: adds new sparkles to skin tone - #4 light green: tones down redness - #8 mauve: brightens up dull skin.
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How to destroy your biceps! 😤💪 |
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Happy Dances are going on in the #TBC World this morning!
Our #TBC Coin hit $7032.21 per coin - which gave us a $185.98 Raises!
We hit 102428 Coin Holder which brings us up another 1568 New members that are going to helps us end poverty around the world! That is the biggest jump so far over the last year, so people are really seeing the value of our coin, so we are heading in the right direction to be the #1 Top Crypto Currency in the World!
Now Bitcoin on it roller coaster ride since yesterday landed on $1052.01 this morning!
So If your NOT taking us seriously, Well you Should Be! We have sustained our 1st year, against all odds, and we have many more years to come! Doesn't matter how much you invest as long as you do! :) So let's recap our time here over the last week:
3-29-17 - $7032.21
3-28-17 - $6846.25
3-27-17 - $6595.57
3-26-17 - $6403.03
3-25-17 - $6216.95
3-24-17 - $6025.26
3-23-17 - $5861.16

Can you see how much we have grown in Coin Value over the last 7 days? That is $1171.05 Raise in one Week!!! WOW
Does your J.O.B Give you that? Does your 401 Give you that? Does your Bank Account Give you That?
Put your money where it does the most Good! :) Contact :08085204799 for your TBC coins, instant funding of your account


Hallo teman teman semua
Buat kamu yang suka banget foto yuk gabung aja langsung gratis biaya DAFTAR🎭💃👯💁
Pemenang wajib melunasi 100k+ongkir(yang berminat)
Yang tidak bersedia dengan prosedur lomba tidak akan kami konteskan

Berhadiah 🎉🎉🎁
PiAGAM(tidak terbuat dari HVS)

Bagi yang tidak menang jangan berkecil hati karena masih ada kesempatan untuk ikut sampai 3 kali

Send photo nama kota asal & umur ✉ WA +6281319110148 🎁🎉📷🎬🎭👑
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We'd like to congratulate our newest brothers, Xi Line, SP17:
Conquistador #1 : Juan Antonio Contreras

Conquistador #2 : Danny Reyes

Conquistador #3 : Ramon Chavez

Thank you to Pledgemaster Anthony Alonzo(SP12) and Assistant Pledgemaster Rolando Mora(FA15) for bringing these fine gentlemen in Beta Omega Chapter and Lambda Theta Phi! #BigBadBetaOmega #XiLine #TheGatekeepersOfTheNorth #Greek #Greeklife #humboldtstateuniversity #hsu #humboldt

דודה מספר #1 !!!
אין לי מילים ,תודה לכולם פשוט שהחמיאו ראו ונהנו, זה היה כמה חודשים אינטנסיביים וקשים אבל ללא ספק שווה את זה! תודה למגמה המושלמת הזאת שאוהבת גם ברגעים הקשים ❤

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