Not many will accept the fact that i am a very insecure person. Having a lot of different identity is what made me relax. How to even describe it to those who could easily snap their own selfie and posted it to their followers? While i done a face reveal but it was just for a moment and i already felt so anxious. I know that i stole someone's heart a long time ago with my polite and sweet words, but that just how i am. I don't intent on lying to others yet i did it over and over again. How am i to deceive a lot of people and never apologise? It was because i don't felt like it was me myself fault. I put a wall to stop myself from getting closebto other people. When i realised that they already stepped beyond it, i push them off and create another wall. I wish that i can stop lying to others pretending i am their best friend and i miss them a lot while in fact my heart is not even crying after we got separated... I don't evem care of my followers, i know. That is not my responsibility, i said to myself and then i push it onto somebody else. Just gotta be clear, i have a sturdy wall that protects my heart. But i care about you guys too. I hate to see when you guys left Instagram. I hate to see when you deleted your ig. I miss your art sometimes, amd i miss your rambling on status, your personality and your unique being. Just... a lil confession. #0606

Той без, якого не потрібно взагалі нічого.
My ocean @_pollohiii_1

Clearly #5AliveTour was a little viiiiiiiiibe🥁🍫🎉
Blessed to be working with the most incredible team @weare0606 @jackthomasmurray @israelthedon_ @oliviabeckford_ @freddiemeunier @fitzgeraldaudio @morebucks_64 @alfiehawker @msaimeephillips @diondrawestlam @lpgiobbi —————————————-
And of course massive thanks to the boss man & best big bro @jaxjones 🎧

Am wichtigsten im Leben sind Menschen die einen unterstützen wann immer Sie können und dich motivieren. Egal wie groß die Steine und Stufen auch sein mögen. Menschen die dir helfen aber auch Menschen die dich Lieben und es dir Tag für Tag zeigen. Mit denen du auch mal rumalbern kannst und verrückte Fotos schießt um jeden Moment festzuhalten. Das du wenn du an dir zweifelst, dankbar bist so eine Person zu kennen und für sie weiter machst. #0606 #couplegoals


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Style #0606

#0606 - SMB Elite Front Boots | Large | used, left front has ripped off Velcro on bottom strap, still sticks to boot. | $10

#0606 #体育祭

Binadamu Ukikosea Wanajitia Kukosoa Sanaaaaa Ukipatia HAWATAKI tena swali langu nn Maana Yenu!!! ........ Mutasoma copy tuuuuh mi na print mulemule
#0606 Mr BMI Empire
Dume Jeuri


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