"It’s the closest thing to an #E39 #5series that Detroit has ever built," mused one, vaguely worried, executive at a rival automaker. Then he brightened up. "No one will ever find out." And indeed, few did.

The Lincoln LS was quite the sleeper. According to designer Helmuth Schrader, this was what customers wanted: something modern, without trying too hard to make a fashion statement. Some of the details were nice, and the overall shape had the pleasing, short-overhang proportions of a sport sedan. But squint, and you'd confuse it for a #MitsubishiDiamante .

Inside, things were much the same. Ron Swick's team had added a few interesting touches - semi-circular dials, an electronic parking brake, and an excellent optional THX sound system - but the overall effect was oddly sterile.

Just as Oldsmobile was leaving its name off its cars, Lincoln appeared to be embarrassed of its own identifying characteristics.

That leads us to the other uphill battle facing the #LincolnLS - its lineage. From the Granada-based Versailles to the Taurus-derived Continental, smaller Lincolns carried a good deal of baggage. Although they'd occasionally packed some interesting technologies, they had generally lacked the athletic, responsive dynamics to attract conquests from BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

That background probably explains why Lincoln was thrown out of the Premier Automotive Group shortly after the #LS launched.

While Ford undermined its own car, the media was impressed. The Lincoln LS won @motortrend "Car of the Year," and was roundly praised for its handling.

Rear-wheel drive, with a choice of V6 and V8 engines and even a manual gearbox with the smaller engine in its first few years, it had been co-developed with Jaguar, whose #SType rode the same platform.

By 2003, Lincoln was pleased to report that seventy percent of LS customers were new to Lincoln, and that their average age was around fifty.
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Even now it seems slightly crazy that AMG squeezed a 5.5l V8 under the bonnet of an SLK to create the SLK55. It wasn't supercharged unlike some other '55 AMGs but it still boasted a thumping 355bhp and a sub 5 sec 0-62mph time. Despite this compelling proposition only 750 were sold in the UK, probably as the entry price before options was £50k. This immaculate 2007 model has clearly been enjoyed though as it has done 110k miles. Fantastic.

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My first two cars were Vauxhall Cavalier saloons (Mk2 and Mk3) but even I struggle to understand why somebody would have bought an Astra saloon in this colour in 2001. More surprising is that this 17 year old 1.6 LS has lasted this long, although the giveaway is that it is an auto and therefore (possibly) has spent most of its life in the hands of a retiree. Either way, the saloon was an unusual choice even when new so I'd hazard a guess that there are now hardly any left.

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