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Last week I played my very first halftime show!!! I was playing an original arrangement of the Game of Thrones theme for Viola and two bass drums hahaha! It was all surreal and still feels like a dream! 😮🤤
Performing in front of over 12,000 people that day taught me something fascinating about myself: the severity of my performance anxiety isn't directly proportional to the amount of people watching. In fact, I believe this was the least nervous I've ever been when it comes to performing solo!!! 😱😲
Here's what I think that means: it doesn't matter how many people I play for. What I truly think, at least for me, is that my anxiety becomes more intense depending upon WHOM I'm playing from and WHAT I happen to be playing! And since I've busked with Game of Thrones for months in the subway, I can definitely confirm that performing a particular piece more often DOES in fact reduce the effect that performance anxiety has on you. And, if the people I'm playing for aren't a jury of teachers at Juilliard, that also helps. 🤣
I'm not sure how helpful this might be to you, for performance anxiety is a complex beast, and this was simply how "I" react to it. You might have completely different triggers that make you nervous and that's okay!!! I hope that my recent epiphany inspires you to stop for a moment and try to analyze what makes YOU nervous! If you can identify a specific cause for your nerves, you can develop a strategy to not only tame that anxiety, but also use it for fuel to perform at your highest capacity!! 🤗 #PlayHomiePlay #PhiladelphiaUnion

추억은 방울방울 !

Sometimes music and good vibes are all you need to have fun. 🎶 // Shop link in bio.

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우승 했으면 !

شعر فوق العاده از مرحوم دکتر #افشین_یداللهی
گروه بسیار فوق العاده ای که همیشه در حال خواننده عوض کردن 😅 مثل :
#امید_نعمتی ، #علی_زندوکیلی... و در حال حاضر هم #میلاد_باقری
این گروه کار های بسیار خوب و جذابی همیشه ارائه میده و حرفی واسه گفتن داشته! ❤
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It's always a #magical moment when the lacquer hits the shell for the first time. #🎥 #👀 #🔊 #🎧


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#🎧 #KeisukeKuwata - Ashita Harerukana on http://get.sounds.am/5Tnm/giQrgdXx0E

달과 6펜스 노래 너무 좋다😂#심규선 #Lucia#달과6펜스🌙#🎧

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#🎧 #KUWATABAND - BAN BAN BAN on http://get.sounds.am/5Tnm/Xui8nJQx0E

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#🎧 #KUWATABAND - I'M A MAN (アイム・ア・マン・フロム・ザ・プラネット・アース) on http://get.sounds.am/5Tnm/LHeTI2Lx0E

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#🎧 #さだまさし - 精霊流し on http://get.sounds.am/5Tnm/MuqT6wyx0E

너의 많은 아픔 대신할 수 없고, 나는 너의 전불 이해할 순 없지만, 멀리 해는 지고 언젠가 밤이 오면 우린 그때쯤에야 기분이 나아지겠지. 여름밤 더운 온기를 식혀주는 별 하나. 우린 그 빛을 따라 쉬어가자. 작은 목소리로 너를 위로할게. 함께 이겨내자 이 계절을 #여름밤 #🎧

聽聞 那些流轉
剪影 熙景迷惘
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