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요가 및 웨이트 운동을 하면서 #중둔근#외전 #외회전 운동이 약하다는 사실을 느끼곤한다

집에서 운동하려고 산 고무밴드 2종류를 이용해 엉덩이 운동하는 영상이다
#플로우밴드 (작고 넓은 밴드)
#친업밴드 #풀업밴드 (긴 고무밴드)

#엉덩이외전 #hipabduction
#엉덩이들어올리기 #hipthrusts

중둔근 에 좀 더 집중해보면 하체 및 몸통이 좀 더 안정적이 되는 느낌을 가질수있다

골반이 #내전 #내회전 (팔자걸음) 된분들도 좋다.
@Regrann from @bretcontreras1 - Nice finisher here from Holly Jackson.
#Repost @hollyemilyjackson (@get_repost)
As promised here is my favourite glute finisher from the workout me and Lucy did at the weekend! Perform this as a superset with minimal rest in the transition between the exercises. (Video is sped up slightly)

1️⃣ 90 reps band seated hip abductions by @bretcontreras1 (yes, he is amazing, no, I will not stop mentioning him until every single one of you follows him too🙃)
•do 30 leaning backwards, 30 sat upright and 30 leaning forwards
•keep a 90degree angle at the knee
•try to perform all 90 reps unbroken if you can!

2️⃣ 20 reps double banded hipthrusts
•climb up onto the bench so you're resting somewhere on your upper back) I always have it so the bench sits just below my shoulder blades) one of the most common things you see with hipthrusts is people basically balancing on the bench with just their necks 🙈.
•keep your chin tucked and your gaze forwards, this will help you to keep a posterior tilt on your pelvis!
•think about pushing your knees over your feet (I find this a really helpful cue when using bands like this as it's kind of a weird feeling compared to barbell hipthrusts due to the angle of the bands resistance)
•push your knees out to keep tension in the band around your knees

I usually do this three times through with rest after the hipthrusts but you can do it as many times as you like! 🍑🍑🍑.
Give it a go and please don't hesitate to DM me with any questions or suggestions for things you'd like to see next ❤️
#workoutvideo #gluteworkout #bootyworkout - #regrann

Chin up! 턱걸이 잘하고 싶다....#새해준비#열운#턱걸이#친업밴드

크리스마스는 폭식과 수면의 반복ㅋ
아 몰라 이런날도 있어야지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
미친 것 같긴 하지만 오늘은 센터가 문을 안여니까ㅠㅠ
대신 나는 풀업밴드 구입*^^*
다가오는 2016년 상반기 목표는 어시스트 없이
풀업 10개하기 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
난 아직 매달리기도 못하는데 할 수 있을라나 모르겠다
팔힘이 약해서 ㅠ.ㅠ
다들 메리 크리스마스 오늘 달이 참 이쁘네요
#풀업밴드 #친업밴드 #풀업어시스트 #풀업 #웨이트 #운동 #운동하는여자 #헬스 #헬스보조기구 #밴드운동 #헬스타그램 #운스타그램 #인스타그램 #맞팔 #좋아요

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