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. [ANNOUNCEMENT]💗 Birthday Project Jeon So Min🎂🎁🎈
For celeberate Jeon So Min Birthday ( 8 APRIL 2018 ) , we plan for giving donation for Children who need a help through "Save The Children" organization. Save the Children, which was founded in 1919, is an international non-governmental charity that works to improve the lives of children all over the world.
We invite all Jeon So Min fans to take action for "Save the Children" . ❤️
How the charity works is that anyone who wants to participate can simply giving donation through us, and the end of the date period, we will submit the result of donation to Save the Children organization in Jeon So Min name. And don’t worry about the result , we can download the report about the donation on website Save the Children😊
How to Join ?? 1. Transfer your donation to
BCA : 315 098 2391 a.n: Anastasia Ayudya Putri I
with Subject : "Birthday Project"
or you can donate through PayPal : jeonsomindonesia@gmail.com

2.confirm your donation and send the proof transaction to email :jeonsomindonesia@gmail.com .

Every dollar you contribute is very meaningful to the children☺️
The period of Donation :
05 February- 31 March 2018.
For more Information 👉 DM via IG

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👟 Jae Seok and Kwang Soo 👟
❤️ I’m back from hiatus! Still haven’t got back to watching Running Man, but at least I have a theme idea now: Pantone Palette :)
🦒 In my last post I complained about how there was no giraffe emoji, but here it is!!!
🐻 Also congrats to Jae Seok for his second child :)

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