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[170524~170604] VIXX0524
빅스와 별빛의 발자취로 가득했던 'VIXX0524'
앞으로 더 많은 추억들 함께 만들어가자 💖
#VIXX #빅스 #VIXX0524 #빅스전시회

5월 24일, 아이비클럽 모델 빅스의 5주년을 축하합니다⭐L⭐
524번째 댓글을 달아준 친구에게
빅스 친필 싸인 반팔티(랜덤증정)를 선물로 쏜다!❣
#다리가_길어보이는_육빅스 #아이비클럽
#VIXX0524 #빅스_별빛_5주년_축하해

Vixx... Where do i even start...A group of 6 guys who are more than just friends, more than just bandmates, but have actually became brothers entered my life. Bringing me joy, happiness, and emotional moments. The ones who are always there for me when no one else was. The group that will always be there for me no matter what. Because of this, it lead me to find more friends on here as well that i will treasure for many many miles. N, the caring leader who will not bring that smile down. The one who always had to deal with everything and everything. It must've been hard for you at times. We really appreciate everything. Thank you so much. Leo, Seeing you grew from a shy little baby kitten to being a hyper active puppy made me realize that change is good and can happen. It really is amazing to see you grew out of your shell and bloom like a beautiful flower. Ken, the most adorable baby pup in the world. Your cuteness brings others smiles , giving them a great day. The cute main vocal indeed. Ravi, those songs, those lyrics, all made by you. The talent you have for music is one of a kind. It must've been stressful. The music you've given us, the meanings, thank you. Hongbin, our little top overwatch gamer. The meme boy. Your voice has improved so much over the years i am so proud of you. You are more than just a visual. More than just a pretty boy. You have the talent to be so much more. I believe that you can do anything. Hyuk, my baby boy. Well not so baby anymore you've grown so big. Manhyuk now. From superhero 1 line to being one of the lead vocals. Im so happy talent is recognized. With so many words, there is still not enough to say how proud i am of all of you. We've been through many hardships and many memorable moments together. Lets keep on going till many many years together. As starlight, as vixx. We will always be together. Forever. ❤️ I guess now i can really say they're actual 5 yr olds huh

#vixx #빅스 #빅스_별빛_5주년_축하해#VIXX_5th_Anniversary

[#VIXX0524] Welcome, ST★RLIGHT 👋🏼
빅스 데뷔 5주년 기념 전시회 [VIXX0524] 개최!
오늘부터 6월 4일까지 아라아트센터에서 만나요 🙌🏼
#빅스전시회 #빅스_별빛_5주년_축하해

HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY @vixx_stargram @achahakyeon @leo_jungtw @keken_0406 @rravii0215 @hongbiiiiin93 @hsh0705 ❤️🎉🎊
데뷔 5주년 축하해요!! 10년 100년 오래오래 함께하자 💕
See you in Indonesia!!
#VIXX0524 #빅스_별빛_5주년_축하해 #빅스 #VIXX

Happy 5th Anniversary VIXX @achahakyeon @leo_jungtw @keken_0406 @rravii0215 @hongbiiiiin93 @hsh0705 💞
Wishing that our love keeps blooming and celebrate an everlasting bond of togetherness on every anniversary. I LOVE YOU ALL 😘


One thing you like the most about Wonsik's visual?? ❤🌟 #VIXX #빅스_별빛_5주년_축하해 #VIXX_5th_Anniversary #VIXX0524

我兩個人食一份已經好飽 點解元植可以食哂🤣👍🏻#VIXX0524
#vixx五週年要去食vixx食過既野 #好貴 #빅스_별빛_5주년_축하해


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