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This outfit looks amazing on Kenny 😍🔥 Her figure is the cutest 💕 @kendalljenner @popselenas #kendalljenner #kimkardashianwest #kkw #kuwtk
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mental health reminders:
• you are not alone.
• eat.
• really, even if is hard to eat.
• your body is just yours.
• smile.
• hug your pet.
• hug your friends.
• hug your friends pets.
• don’t be alone when you can be with someone who loves you.
• stay alone if you need too.
• don’t push yourself.
• treat yourself.
• get a long bath.
• wash your hair.
• clean your teeth.
• cry if you need to cry.
• take a nap.
• take a day off.
• breathe.
• don’t stress to much.
• you are enough.
• you are amazing.
• eat your favorite food.
• drink some water.
• scream as loud as you can.
• run as fast as you can.
• be selfish if you need to be selfish.
• you’re beautiful.
• hug yourself.
• take another nap.
• wash your face.
• smile.

Happy bday baby 😍
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Cannes 2015 Glam 🖤❤️ @kendalljenner

Просто смотрю и плачу.. Это 13 апреля 2016 года, здесь и месяца нет тому, как я в обсешн, ну думаю, что здесь видно :"э
Сделала, показала @elizavns
, начали плакать.. тоже самое с @dnchy :>
Время изливать душу и скучать по @juriikis и @_bobhated_ ㅠㅠ Я вот надеюсь, что не мы одни ревем, смотря это видео :D Люблю вас т т сино-сино
#love #obsessioncoverdanceteam #ulzzang #tagsforhearts #cute #불금 #friends #korean #dancers


심지어 버섯도 .

Rihanna at Met Gala 2016! holy ✨🔥 She looks so flawless @badgalriri

3층 점령 완료 ㅎㅎ 스터디하다가 미친자들의 이야기 ㅎㅎㅎ

this photo is magic 😍 @kyliejenner
Credits - @kylie.vogue

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