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Vaan “R.O.S.E” 여러분들
안녕하세요, VAAN입니다.
항상 응원해주셔서 감사합니다!
I miss you sm 💞 Happy Valentine Day Roses 🌹

슬픔에서 구해낼거야!

They arrived to London! 💞 i wish i could see them but poor af :/

@vxxn.soc ig update
can i yhh i miss him sm !!! i hope soc have cb soon but im not sure when that happen..
my twitter: 112792xo

Sorry guys I’m not active, I have now hard time and plus I have school I hope you guys understand. I’ll post next week as much as I have time but now I’m on ig story more. I’ll answer all dms I got and I’m so thankfully about all messages but now I don’t feel okay.
Reason I don’t want tell but it’s personal, I’m okay but I need rest

@7oc_official update
’Welcome to KPOP KNITE’
I really bad want go 😫

@vxxn.soc update 💞
i miss him sm yhh

if you can go pls join with them & enjoy ((send me pics of vaan pls lol) 🙏🏼
I really want go but im poor af

😍😍🙈🙈 @7oc_official
my twitter: chanppanja

@7oc_official twt update with SOC ✨✨
I’m so happy to see them together !!
follow my twitter: chanppanja

ㅎㅎㅎ ♥️ i miss u sm
follow my twitter; chanppanja



sorry about quality yhhh but purple team slay

we’re close to 0.5k wtfff tysm ??¿ ♥️

try find better squad than this ㅡ you can’t




few photos from mixnine

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