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目当てはcrown the empire!!👑
joy oppositesも見れるとなって楽しみにしてたけど💮でした😌

ジョイは唯一知ってるIn My Bones聴けたしメンバーみんな楽しみそうだったから良かった

Lucky Us でデイビット上裸なってたしステージ上荒れててなんだか張り詰めた空気感だった メンバーの体温と言うか熱気と言うか威圧感をすごく感じれた。


Sakurada Festa 2017 at 渋谷duo
#桜田通 #Dori #sakuradafesta2017 #渋谷duomusicexchange #ありがとう



ハッタリカさん、また是非見たいです。楽しかったなー。 ハッタリカ@渋谷duo MUSIC EXCHANGE 2015-06-12 #hattarika #metallicacover #渋谷duomusicexchange #Japan

渋谷DUO MUSIC EXCHANGEマンスリースケジュール「dmx」8月号にて

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#Lound Gym

2017.09.17 NOISEMAKER 「SCREAM OUT PARTY 2017」(Gameshop, NOISEMAKER, キバオブアキバ, Make My Day, Pass Code, Eskimo Callboy) @ Shibuya Duo Music Exchange, Tokyo (JP) Well, the Festival is over now. An After Party was planned at the ROCKAHOLIC ROCK BAR in Shibuya after the show, but I was really fucking tired so I decided to go back home finally. I was just wondering if NOISEMAKER's members will go there after the show, and just thought : "No, you don't have the right to go drinking there without me"😂 But NOISEMAKER had a flight planned on the following morning, so I guessed they weren't going there. NOISEMAKER was going to play as 1st part of CRYSTAL LAKE at Sapporo Bessie Hall the following day ; But the typhon arrived to Tokyo in the night after the show before to head on Hokkaido where the band was going~😱 So I was really worried about it. It seems that CRYSTAL LAKE were really worried about it too. But everything was fine finally. NOISEMAKER arrived to Sapporo safely ; We can read on YUKI's Twitter account : "We arrived to Sapporo safely! Thank you pilot!"🙏 So I relieved to know them in security... Even if I just wanted to cry to miss my 2 favorite bands playing together~😆😭 I hope to be able to see CRYSTAL LAKE and NOISEMAKER sharing the same stage one day~❤️ Well, NOISEMAKER is going to appear soon at Shibuya Cyclone for the 20th Anniversary. So I really can't wait for the announcement! Because I already miss NOISEMAKER so much!😭 I really need to see you again soon guys!❤️ Even if we already have an appointment together on 2018, January 28th for the Final One Man Show of RED APHELION TOUR at Tokyo LIQUIDROOM!😈🔥🤘 Thank you so much again for today~🙏❤️ I love you guys!❤️ #NOISEMAKER #ScreamOutParty2017 #渋谷DUOMUSICEXCHANGE #東京 #Tokyo #Japan #日本 #Live #New #RedAphelion #NoMusicNoLife

2017.09.17 NOISEMAKER 「SCREAM OUT PARTY 2017」(Gameshop, NOISEMAKER, キバオブアキバ, Make My Day, Pass Code, Eskimo Callboy) @ Shibuya Duo Music Exchange, Tokyo (JP) I was looking at AG and couldn't stop to think : "Fuck! I wanna talk to this guy for sure!". AG noticed me when I was looking at him ; Sorry man, I really wanted to talk to you, but I'm always so impressed and shy in front of you!😳🙈 So please, feel free to come to me next time!😂 Because I think I will never be able to do it~😂🙈 Then, NOISEMAKER's members went back to the backstage except UTA who was still tidying away his drum's equipment. At this moment, I really didn't care about what was going on on stage, I was only able to look at Uta~😆 Then, UTA left the Staff Area too. So I just thought : "Well... It's over". I only came here to see NOISEMAKER tonight and I felt really tired, so I was wondering : "Ok, maybe I have to go back home right now already...". But, I was just standing next to the Staff Area with all the NOISEMAKER's equipment ; So I could see written on their instruments cases "Bass", "Drum : Symbal", etc... So at this moment, I was only able to think : "No way! I can't go back home if NOISEMAKER are still here"😆 So I decided to stay finally, only waiting here with the hope to see again the faces of my favorite members during the night. And I was right!😆 The balcony of the venue was reserved to the Staff and Artists only. So I was able to see NOISEMAKER's members during all the night ; They were watching the other bands performing on stage. And AG was directly in my line of sight~😂 He stayed at the balcony during a long time, and especially during all the performance of the last band ESKIMO CALLBOY. I was just standing on the left of the stage in the pit without moving or doing anything for the other bands~😆 So it was funny to watch the reactions of AG during the performances of other bands~😆 Yes, I just stayed in the venue during more than 5 hours for getting only some minutes of happiness seeing again NOISEMAKER's members~😆 #NOISEMAKER #ScreamOutParty2017 #渋谷DUOMUSICEXCHANGE #東京 #Tokyo #Japan #日本 #Live #New #RedAphelion #NoMusicNoLife

2017.09.17 NOISEMAKER 「SCREAM OUT PARTY 2017」(Gameshop, NOISEMAKER, キバオブアキバ, Make My Day, Pass Code, Eskimo Callboy) @ Shibuya Duo Music Exchange, Tokyo (JP) I was the only one to get totally crazy at YUKI's side, singing and jumping during all their performance!😆 So YUKI came at the edge of the stage and was singing, smiling and headbanging with me~🔥 I was really happy to be more in contact than the last time with YUKI tonight~😊 During his MC, AG reminded us that NOISEMAKER will release their New Mini Album 「RED APHELION」next month on 2017, October 18th ; Following by their New Tour 「RED APHELION TOUR」. I really can't wait to get my copy and to hear the new amazing work of NOISEMAKER~🎶 Then, AG introduced the next song... BUTTERFLY!! 🦋 O-M-G!!!!😱😱😱 I was waiting for this song since the last time they played it at SATANIC CARNIVAL!!😳 I couldn't believe it... And tears appeared naturally in my eyes aha~🙈 But I didn't want to cry in front of them XD So I wiped my tears with my Towel of Noisemaker~😆 And just enjoyed all the song singing all the lyrics looking at AG and jumping like to "Try to fly~ 🦋 "~❤️ SOMETHING NEW, FLAG... Time goes by so fast when you feel in your paradise~❤️ It's already over after around 1 hour of show. And as always, I was fucking tired like after a sport session~😆💦 And I was so sad to see the band leaving the stage, I just thought : "Nooo, I just want to stay with you forever!"❤️ The band took off their equipment from the stage very fast to let the next band preparing the stage after them. So they brought all their equipment on the "Staff Area" on the left of the stage. At this moment, I was still standing at the barrier of the first row when I saw all the members in the Staff Area after their performance. Some fans went to thank them and had a handshake with AG. So I just thought : "Me too I wanna talk to you guys!". So I finally left the 1st row to go on the barrier of the Staff Area where was the band actually. But as usually, I wasn't able to talk to them because of my shyness~😆😢 #NOISEMAKER #ScreamOutParty2017 #渋谷DUOMUSICEXCHANGE #東京 #Tokyo #Japan #日本 #Live #New #RedAphelion #NoMusicNoLife

2017.09.17 NOISEMAKER「SCREAM OUT PARTY 2017」(Gameshop, NOISEMAKER, キバオブアキバ, Make My Day, Pass Code, Eskimo Callboy) @ Shibuya Duo Music Exchange, Tokyo (JP) So of course, I was just fucking hot and went already crazy during the half of the song they played for the sound check~😆 The last time at the One Man Show of NOISEMAKER, AG saw me and noticed me many times during the show by making signs to me, smiling, pointing his finger on me, and saying to me "thank you" at the end of the show. I felt really moved and so happy to see AG very close to the audience. So at this moment, I just thought : "Hmm... Ok... AG will recognize me for sure!"😆😂 And... I was right!😆 So during the sound check, AG was singing walking on the stage, and stopped in front of me ; He was looking down on stage, before to look up and... to see me!😆 O.M.G... I will never forget his face for sure!😂 He made big eyes, smiled to me and pointed his finger on me again~👀😃👉 Omg, I was so happy that I wanted to cry already!🙈😆 So I thought : "No, don't cry right now... It's only the sound check!"😂 Wow, I couldn't realize I was going to see NOISEMAKER in Live again. I was looking at the stage and NOISEMAKER's members and just thought : "Everything is perfect. You are all beautiful. I love you guys!❤️". Every time I'm going to a Festival to see my favorite band, many bands appear successively on stage, and I always feel the same feeling and think always the same thing : "My favorite band is the best of all of them for sure". Even if some other bands are good too, I will never feel the same feeling I feel in front of my favorite. My heart is always beating faster for my favorite, and it's what I felt again today standing in front of NOISEMAKER. The heart beating faster, the whole body shaking... Yes, this is Love!😆 Well, everything is fine, so let's go for NOISEMAKER!!😍🔥🤘 And as always, it was such a blast!🔥 The band is always so powerful on stage!💪🔥 Today was a Festival, so there wasn't only NOISEMAKER's audience tonight ; That's why I found the audience more calm than usually. #NOISEMAKER #ScreamOutParty2017 #渋谷DUOMUSICEXCHANGE #東京 #Tokyo #Japan #日本 #Live #New #RedAphelion

2017.09.17 NOISEMAKER「SCREAM OUT PARTY 2017」(Gameshop, NOISEMAKER, キバオブアキバ, Make My Day, Pass Code, Eskimo Callboy) @ Shibuya Duo Music Exchange, Tokyo (JP) I went there especially to see the set of NOISEMAKER. I saw NOISEMAKER 2 weeks ago for their One Man Show (Tokyo Live House Fever) ; it was such a blast that I was already so excited to see them again today. I love NOISEMAKER so much, that's why I felt really moved to realize my dream to be standing one more time in front of those guys that I admire so much. The weather was really bad today and a typhon was coming to Tokyo. But I just thought : "No matter what's going to happen, I'm gonna see NOISEMAKER for sure!"😆 The Open Doors was at 15:00 pm. So I arrived on time at the venue. NOISEMAKER was planned to appear in 2nd place, so I just stayed standing at the barrier of the 1st row, already ready and waiting for NOISEMAKER. 16:00 pm : The 1st band appeared on stage (GAMESHOP). And sorry, but I didn't enjoy this band at all~😆 Of course the band was good, but it's just not my type of music. The band ended, and I turn over my head and saw YUKI (Ba. NOISEMAKER), HIDE (Gt. NOISEMAKER) and UTA (Dr. NOISEMAKER) on the left of the stage, already unloading their equipments. They were bringing their equipments and instruments on stage. I was so happy to be able to see for the first time NOISEMAKER's members preparing the stage by themselves just in front of my eyes. I was looking at them like a child in front of his Christmas presents~😍 😂 I was standing in front of YUKI ; I could noticed his professionalism (shyness?😆) because he looked really concentrated preparing his bass part, looking at only his equipment. HIDE and UTA were focused on the preparation too before to get ready for the sound check. So then, AG (Vo. NOISEMAKER) came on stage finally. And he killed everything in 1 second!😆😂 When AG arrived on stage, he was already fucking hot, smiling and laughing with the audience, saying : "Ok guys, Are you fucking ready?! Put your hands up!" ....Ok but... It's only the sound check man!😆😂😂 I love this guy so much!😂 #NOISEMAKER #ScreamOutParty2017 #渋谷DUOMUSICEXCHANGE #東京 #Live #RedAphelion #NoMusicNoLife

片山遼さんワンマンライブ 約束の場所へ Chapter.3 @ shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE、そして翌日に先行特典ワンマンライブ@上野音横丁。20170827、20170828
#片山遼 #ライブ #渋谷duomusicexchange #約束の場所へ #ギター #上野音横丁 #音楽

今日は渋谷duoへSCREAM OUT PARTY 2017に行ってきた!! トップバッターのTHE GAME SHOPはメッチャ久々に見れました(^^) キバオブはTRVEのイベント以外では殆ど見ないけど懐かしい「アニメが見たい」が聞けて良かった!! パスコの3人でのパフォーマンスは初めてだったけど素晴らしいステージだったな。早くまた4人でのステージが見たいね!! Eskimoは新旧混ぜながらのライブだったけどさすがのパフォーマンスでした!! でも、個人的には昔の曲のが好きかな。

終演後のBGMにJOURNEY「Open Arms」が使われてて心に沁みました(^^) 合間に物販売り場に行ったらスタッフの人が僕のTシャツを見て何かコソコソ話してるのが聞こえた!!悪い話しじゃなかったけど何かハズかったよね(^^;)
まぁ、知らない人もいるだろうからネタバレじゃないけど僕が着てたのはMY AWESOME COMPILATIONというTRVE吉川さんが以前に関わっていたPYROPIT RECORDSのバンドです!!
今みたいなゴリゴリのバンドじゃないし、今は活動してないレーベルだけどエモくて聴きやすいバンドが沢山いるので知らない人は是非ともチェックしてみて下さい!! #ScreamOutParty2017 #TheGameShop #NOISEMAKER
#キバオブアキバ #MakeMyDay #PassCode
#EskimoCallboy🇩🇪 #MyAwesomeCompilation
#渋谷duomusicexchange #PyropitRecords
@tgs_official @kibaofakibaproject @makemydayjapan
@eskimocallboy @triplevision_jp

#いとうあいか ちゃんと打ち合わせのような女子会のようなランチしてきました💕 こないだのワンマンはファンさんのキモチで見ていたし、全然話せなかったので、今日はお友達感覚でたくさんおしゃべりしちゃった💕
#フォトジェニック な写真撮りたい言ったら、バカにされたけど😩ちゃんとレンズ向けるとポーズ決めてくれる😆さすが#王道 #アイドル 🎉
明日は#渋谷duo でイベントだそうで、、、
#やる気スイッチ 入りましたー😂😂 ・
#idol #いとうあいか #110 #110歳 ですって
#sweets #cafe #lunch
#アイドル #アニソンシンガー #cute #元気いっぱい #色気は皆無 #渋谷duomusicexchange #イベント頑張れ

分身と共に片山遼くんのワンマンライブ(´◡͐`)🎸曲もすごくいいけどステージの上の人たちのキャラが最高すぎて、楽しいとおもしろいの両方で笑顔絶えない時間でござった!笑 いいライブだったなあ〜〜。
ライブの前には、中目黒にあるPEANUTS CAFE🍽へ♡もうすぬうぴいたちが可愛くて可愛くて、もう、本当に、すごく可愛いかった。そして美味しかった。すごく。.


#中野サンプラザ#9nine Summer Live 2017 Excelsior! -祭- から #渋谷duomusicexchange#musicmonsters な昨日は最高の1日。


#ベボガ #虹のコンキスタドール黄組 #鹿目凛 #ぺろりん先生 #葉月梨花 #樋口彩 #水沢心愛 #水戸しのぶ #三浜ありさ #渋谷duomusicexchange #今年も最高の夏にしような

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