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现在新加玻的电视在重播我喜欢看的《法网天后》哦! 而我就看到你😊😊😊 好想你! 还好可以在电视看到你! 😘😘😘希望你会喜欢❤❤❤ @yise #温曼宁 #羅憶詩

Fans of #汤美琪, good news! #LegalEagles8 is rerunning on Channel 8, starting tomorrow, weekdays at 5.30pm! Time to reminisce Feli's splendid performance as a taitai-turned-divorcee-turned-lawyer! 👩🏻‍⚖️👍🏻😍
#FeliciaChin #陈凤玲 #法网天后

#Reposting @ayekeng with @instarepost_app -- Legal Eagles is currently broadcasting in Vietnam
@raysonttm .
Thanks @huynhdiem1212 for sharing this picture
#法网天后 #新传媒 #legaleagles #mediacorp #吕爱琼 #looayekeng #陈泰铭

Legal Eagles is currently broadcasting in Vietnam
@raysonttm .
Thanks @huynhdiem1212 for sharing this picture
#法网天后 #新传媒 #legaleagles #mediacorp #吕爱琼 #looayekeng #陈泰铭

Drama | Singapore Channel 8《法网天后-Legal Eagles》
Artist | Felicia Chin 陈凤玲 @iamfeliciachin
Makeup&Hair | Joyce Wong @joycewong_mua 🎬Mediacorp Studio Malaysia
#throwback #legaleagles #法网天后 #陈凤玲 #joyceymakeup #makeup #hairdo

[Episode 5]

振作起来 ,重新开始生活 💪💗 Happy Tuesday everyone !! 🎉


She did come after 2589 days , but she came too late .
I love this show a lot and I do hope a short video will be released explaining what happened after 薇薇 and 德路 saw each other 🙊 x
#2589daysapart 💓


In 2589 days apart , the scene where 薇薇 sees 德路 on the television is my favourite scene because the amount of emotion @iamfeliciachin put into this scene was amazing and showed all of us how awesome of an actress she was 😻💗 I love 偶像 alot because she is not only an amazing actress but super super sweet and kind as well x


薇薇 has such a beautiful smile 💓

This is my favourite picture of her ayyyy 😻 She is so cute .

Thank you 偶像 @iamfeliciachin for liking four of my posts ❣ x

Good morning ☉ Enjoy your weekend by binge watching 2589 days apart 💓

They were so close yet so far in the lift 😭😭 德路 notices 薇薇 but then she does not turn around and when he chases after her , she hides 😧

薇薇教了大家不管生命多么惨 ,终会有希望的 。

WeiWei decides to start over after being out of a job and she becomes a educator after that . I am proud to see her start over again . This is a reminder to all that in the worst of times , there is always a chance for you to try again .

"L is for love , 爱情是没有距离的" ❤


2589 days apart , but their love will forever be true 😢

@iamfeliciachin ❣x

It's the last episode of #2589daysapart today 👋

Have you watched ? Do 薇薇 and 德路 end up together ? Watch episode 5 to find out ❣

@iamfeliciachin 💞

Hello @iamfeliciachin 💖 I am @basicallyfelicia and I hope you remember this account as I will be posting lots of updates for you 🎉 x

@zhang_zhenhuan 这件衣服是不是很像#法网天后 其中一场的衣服呢?
#zhangzhenhuan #张振寰 #相信我 #ch8sg #tca #thecelebrityagency

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