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Good thang I'm on a plane right now and won't have to see me embarrass myself in this week's latest episode of #TheAmazingRaceChina #极速前进 where I get all dolled up China opera stylo! 😂🤣😜 #黄梅戏 #onceinalifetime

TGIF!! And there be a lot of "kiddin" around tonight as I search for a young kid in the movie premiere of "Kidnapped 绑架" on Starhub in Singapore while my own kids make their debut across China in the latest episode of #TheAmazingRaceChina #极速前进!! And if you want to see what we're really doing while waiting for these celebrity teams to arrive, then just swipe left! 😜😉 #Starhub #ShenzhenTV #深圳卫视

It's Fri-Yay back out there in Asia so I gotta wonder which team is getting eliminated tonight in a most perplexing way in the latest leg of #TheAmazingRaceChina #极速前进 🤔✊

Let's hope we can get all the teams checked in before it starts raining on us! #极速前进 #TheAmazingRaceChina #KualaLumpur #Malaysia

Time to wait for these teams to arrive again...and WU always hopes it never takes too long. Still remember having to wait over fifteen hours overnight one time in TARA3, which was not very amazing 🤣 #Vietnam #hochiminhcity #TheAmazingRaceChina #SeasonFour #极速前进

WU would've ever thought this is all it really takes to work your chest to its best! 💪✊😜😉 #极速前进 #theamazingracechina #ChestIsBest #TravelLight #RuleYourself

It's bring your kids to work day on The Amazing Race China! Such a joy to have my kids as greeters today as we welcome the teams here to Singapore. Hope you two enjoyed the experience, S&J. Your Daddy will always treasure this moment together ❤☺️#TheAmazingRaceChina #SeasonFour #极速前进 #Singapore #Merlion

Here we race again in the upcoming fourth season of The Amazing Race China Celebrity Edition on Shenzhen TV premiering on Friday, August 4th, at 10 PM!! And let's see WU can understand my Chinese at race pace! 🤣😜😉 #极速前进# 挑战不断,竞速不止!#深圳卫视极速前进# 第四季即将鸣锣开战,8月4日起每周五晚22:00,为荣誉而战,你来不来?[太开心]@深圳卫视 @范冰冰 @謝依霖HOLD住姐 @贾静雯 @修杰楷shiou @鄭元暢小綜 @王丽坤 @吴敏霞 @Stephen_ZXC @张继科 @强子哥哥 @张星月不说话 @SNH48-陆婷 @SNH48-许杨玉琢 @VARSITY-V-邓滨 @VARSITY-V-新宇

#TheAmazingRaceChina #SeasonFour #极速前进

哈哈! Can you tell I'm pumped up?? Time to set the stage Old Shanghai Tang style for the season finale of #极速前进 #TheAmazingRaceChina ✌️👍 (🎥: @steadicam_lu )


Let's get set to race one more time tonight! (Can you hear the Zoom sound after I exit frame too? 😜) I know I'm not the first to say it was never easy to even attempt to learn Chinese or any new language for that matter, but then it's embracing and accepting these personal challengers in our lives that allow us to experience so much more...and open up new doors of Amazing opportunities!! Thank you to #深圳卫视 for continually believing and supporting me even though I know getting through my lines takes exponentially longer than any other host in China! 😂🤣 And soon, I can't wait to announce the next big project we'll be doing soon! #seasonfinale #TheAmazingRaceChina #极速前进 #ItsWinningTime 🏆 #ShenzhenTV #believetoachieve #LifeLessons #把你的中文学好哦! 😉

应该选哪一个线索箱呢? 🤔😉
Pick a clue, any clue. There's always something extra special about the Final Roadblock in the finale of each Amazing Race where an entire season's hard work and sacrifice all come down to this!!! #seasonfinale #TheAmazingRaceChina #极速前进 #ItsWinningTime 🏆 #ShenzhenTV

Tonight on Shenzhen TV throughout all of China, it all comes down to the three remaining celebrity teams as we find out who is going to be crowned the winners for the fourth season of #极速前进#TheAmazingRaceChina Looking back, I'm amazed at how fast the show aired because it sure seemed a lot longer trying to get all these lines down in Chinese! 🤣✊ #深圳卫视 #WorkHardPlayHarder #seasonfourfinale

哈哈! Can you tell I'm pumped up?? Time to set the stage Old Shanghai Tang style for the season finale of #极速前进 #TheAmazingRaceChina ✌️👍 (🎥: @steadicam_lu )

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