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抖音背后的故事🤣🤣🤣#彭兮辰 #林凡 #冯舆轩 #acrush


23号我们新单曲 💛💛#彭兮辰#

There is only one person who can define success in your life,and that's you. 只有一个人能界定你一生的成就, 那就是你自己 ❤️ #acrush #ffcacrush #彭兮辰

"每一夜都能干干净净 心安理得 筋疲力尽地入睡
每一天也能清清爽爽 心平气和 精神充沛地醒来
这就是最好的生活" ​​​ wanan 😴
#acrush #ffcacrush #彭兮辰

28 we see ❤️
#acrush #ffcacruah #彭兮辰

Hey,don't sell your dreams so soon!请不要太快放弃追梦! #彭兮辰 #ffcacrush #acrush

World is a fine place and worth fighting for. 世界很美好 值得我为之奋斗 早安 ❤️

因为我很酷 🙃🙂🙃🙂 ​​​#acrush#ffcacrush #彭兮辰

五月你好 🖤🖤 ​​​#acrush #ffcacrush #彭兮辰



how are you guys?💕

uhm kejun and kechen ??? happy birthday keke🎉🎉🎉

《I’m Sorry》full MV ♡♡♡

I’m Sorry MV trailer / 3 more days !!!
what are y’all dressing up as for halloween?/are you dressing up?

some moments✨

happy #nationalcomingoutday 🌈🌈 friendly reminder that you are loved💕
here’s a re-edit if a classic gaycrush moment


(wang niu is sometimes called wang mei and meimei is a nickname)

hello everyone! please make sure to check out dazed’s article on acrush and ffc in general (last photo)
I found it really interesting and it has more information about ffc’s goals as a company but it also exoticized and generalized east asians which I guess should be expected from a foreign attempt to cover an aspect of a culture in a news article🤷🏻‍♀️ anyway it’s a pretty long article but the author seems to have actually have spent the time to actively interview and research ffc and acrush so check it out and tell me what y’all think of it👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


what a gem
keke is great

xichen and wang niu longboarding💛
uhm !!! I longboard too but I look a lot less badass while doing it

#ffcacrush #陆柯燃 #彭亦阳 #安俊浠 #彭兮辰 #冯與轩 #acrushlinfan # |170819KUNMING CONCERT||170826新浪嘉年华|🆒
图源@keflame_lkr /Unique1006/Qiqi/Beibei/Luobobobo_ 二传标明出处 禁商用❗❗

xichen's story post from last night's livestream/vocal lesson

two clips of acrush's dance cover of bts's "no more dream"

Linfan made the flower, Xichen made the stem, and Keran made the vase/pencil cup.
If you zoom in on the cup there's a drawing of a pig that represents Keran, an ice cream that represents Linfan's fans, and a castle which represents Xichen's fans💕💕

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