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One more for you guys! Thank you Zoe for the photos!#十年你还好吗 #throwback

如果能够重来,你还会选我吗?十年了,你还好?💙 #十年你还好吗 #ifonlyicould8

谢谢 @chenhanwei1969 认可 #瑞恩#十年你还好吗 里的演技。Thank you for your kind words for #RuiEn. 💪🏻😊 #sa2017sg
Vid source: @ch8sg

谢谢朋友们对小妹在 #富贵平安 的支持,别忘了今晚 9点 #刘凯芹#十年你还好吗 跟大家见面哦 ☺️ #tracyleemeileng #happygirl

#Repost @andiechen
听到很多人对#十年你还好吗 的结局非常愤怒。首先谢谢你们那么支持这部剧,追了20集却得不到完整的结束真的会让人抓狂。其实我本身很喜欢这个结局,先不要用臭鸡蛋丢我,让我解释。
十年来来去去说的道理就只有一个,珍惜现在。十年整部剧讲求的也只有一个字,真。我明白大家忙碌了一天希望看到的是开心的故事。可是人生本来就是辛苦的,家家有本难念的经。大先的未知还有西文的离开非常的open ended。有人可能会觉得编剧没心,但是生命不就是这样,你永远不知道下一秒会怎么样,会有什么坏事发生。
希望大家不要恨大先。记得把握今天,珍惜眼前人。 -何大先

"Don't Worry Be Happy No Money Oso Can Happy"
[EP 1]
#十年你还好吗 #ifonlyicould8

Channel8 9pm drama is 十年,你还好吗? Mine is XIAO EH, 你头脑还好吗? #十年你还好吗


Chorus of 最美的时光 by @zolalfredo and sung by @andiechen on multiple occasions as well wew 😍 心血来潮 and suddenly feel like playing. It's not perfect and it's mostly played by ear so please, listen with caution LMAO 😆

Wanna take this opportunity as well to congratulate @zolalfredo and @keweitay for their new baby boy! May he grow up to be healthy and happy 💛

If you have watched 《十年,你还好吗》,you will know what I am referring to. Chanced upon this tunnel when my colleagues took me to take a bus to avoid walking in the hot sun. #十年你还好吗 #回不去了 #tunnel

Last collage for the series! @andiechen's most recent drama, The Lead《第一主角》!
你们有想念洪德平吗?😊 miss his onscreen moments with 阿真 (@limrebecca) especially the scene where he confessed to her 🙈

Which was your favorite drama of Andie? Scroll to view and comment below! 👇


"Don't Worry Be Happy No Money Oso Can Happy"
[EP 1]
#十年你还好吗 #ifonlyicould8

✌🏻Over a decade of friendship #十年你还好吗

50th post dedicated to my most favourite show of @andiechen: 十年,你还好吗? Major love for 何大先 and the chemistry of Andie and Ruien, especially after they timetravel back to 2006.. 😊

This show was so heavily promoted as a "Ruien turns aunty show" that I didn't even know Andie was acting in it initially, but after watching a few episodes, Andie became the only reason why I continued watching 😍

Currently in love with this song!! #十年你还好吗

Chanced upon this underpass today. #十年你还好吗

How can the same guy be so nice, gentle, polite and unconfident in one show and rude, mean, impolite and extremely confident in the other show?!?! (1st vid: 第一主角 #洪德平 2nd vid: 十年,你还好吗 #何大先)

Superb acting skills la!! I always forget you are @andiechen when I watch your shows 🌚

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