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There are many reasons Seojunie cannot live without Seoeonie. However, the main reason will be love.

This is really one of my favorite scenes. Totally a happy pill on a hectic day.

The innocence and few words that melt our hearts. Baby Seoeonie and Seojunie have shared their lives with us. 😚😍😘😗

Aw! Teary even as I checked the audio and video before posting. Many many love for this precious scene.

This is perhaps the episode I cried the most. It is the one that hit me most of all the scenes. They cannot be separated.

This is my second cut of that touching moment that I can remember. A tug in my heart each time I watch this. How much does Seoeonie love Seojunie to do that? By the way, Seoeonie had his hands at the back when being asked. He is ready for school. 👍

I really like this song by Winner, Really Really. I cut out the less sensual part to fit our cute Seojunie. Basically liking Seojunie really really! 😁
Lyrics: *I like you
Really x 4
Trust me oh wah
Really x 4
Accept my heart oh wah
Really x 4
What do you think about me?*
If I made you uncomfortable
Just let me know
I’ll take a step back
And we can be acquaintances
I can wait for you
Tell me that you think you’re gonna like me too
Let’s meet right now
There’s something I have to tell you from the bottom of my heart
Repeat **

That moment of realising someone you love is gone. I wonder who could keep their eyes dry when Seoeonie looks so devastated. He really loves Seojunie. I think sometimes we need reminders like that to treasure that someone we take for granted. I have to cut quite a bit of the scene as it is 4 min long.


Seoeonie thought he was giving Seojunie a surprise but he was in for a surprise. Love the build up of that touching moment. Honestly, I was so touched that I cried with Seoeonie. 😢

TROS team did this wonderful scene cuts of the twins showing how attached the twins were and how upset Seojunie was when Seoeonie was missing. For you: @chuajana

E203 - Twins giving away rice cakes. Part 4.

E203 - Twins giving away rice cakes. Part 2.

E202 - Seoeon's missing choco bread! Part 4.
Seoeon: "Say aaa~" *there's no choco smell*
Seoeon: *towards the living room VJ* "Uncle did you ate my bread?"
VJ: "No i didn't."
Seojun: *tent seizure search*
VJ: "I really didn't eat it."
Seoeon: "Say aaa~" *smelling hard* *oh, this smell!* "Is it octopus?"
Seojun: *wow he's good at it*
Seoeon: "Did you ate an octopus?"
VJ: "Yeah i did."
HJ Appa: *laughing hard*
(Detective Seoeon Kaiko)
*last tent*
Seoeon: *smelling* *oh this smell!*
Seoeon: "Did you drank a mango juice?"
VJ: "Yeah.."

E202 - Seoeon's missing choco bread! Part 2.
HJ Appa: "Seojun, please search for it together~"
Seojun: "I don't want."
Seoeon: *why won't you?*
Seojun: *hurriedly avoiding* *appears at the crime scene* *suddenly thought of something*
Seojun: "Seoeon, is the bread new?"
Seoeon: *shakes head*
Seojun: *went to the playroom* *took his bread* *divided it into 2 pieces*
Seojun: "Here~"
Seoeon: *what's it?* *ate the bread*
HJ Appa: *surprised* *what's wrong with the troublemaker?*
Seojun: "Did you checked thoroughly?"

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