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I'm going to claim this AGAIN.Magneto is Magneto,not your pussy drug boy.Don't post his fu*kin face under the tag of #magneto or #萬磁王 or #万磁王 do you understand?🤬🤬🤬🤢

there is only one magneto in the world. he is effortlessly charming. so PG One’s fans, please stop using the name of “magneto” to refer to your idol. also Mr. PG One please stop using this name for commercial purposes. you dun deserve it cause magneto wont sing shitty rap songs and behave disrespectfully to others. i dun really give a fuck of how jerky you are. but stop consuming my beloved’s glory. just stop.
oh just for ur info, PG One is a chinese rapper who claimed that he is as known as magneto and engage in commercials under this name. marvel fans has emailed disney for the copyright issues so such behaviours were deterred. however his fans is still stealing the name of ‘magneto’. this rapper now is also accused of shitty inappropriate raps, being disrespectful in a diss battle by using a dead celebrity’s name for rhyme and engaging in love affairs that he has a “bizarre” relationship with another chinese actor’s wife.
and i am so furious that he still appears on the internet.
just like logan paul.
and his brother.
this world is sick.
#magneto #萬磁王 #万磁王 #万磁王只有一个

is this fking hard to come up with an original name???? i know it is a tough task for brainless people but please at least give it a try. it wont let you go far if your success is based on others’ fame. and here comes the consequences. magneto wont sing shitty lyrics like pg one. he definitely wont fuck others’ wives. my magneto knows how to respect . he is effortlessly charming without even trying. and pg one is just a fucking douchebag whose fans think that his songs are as cool as eminem‘s and can lead the development of chinese hip hop culture. too simple sometimes naive. other chinnese rappers are making so much effort and now they are buried under pg one’s sins.
#万磁王 #万磁王只有一个 #萬磁王 #chineserapper #rapper


#乐高 #lego #magneto

#pgone #万磁王 带上光辉这个专业追星果然就有好照片。。。这个电话我要把它打烂掉

#professorx #magneto #x-men#万磁王

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