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🍂 Evening all, the days have drifted easy as of recently. Not to mention an upcoming chapter as well, what’re your predictions for a current arc end result?

♥ I actually don’t even remember making an attack on Titan edit. Anyways, I wanted to try something sorta new??? Idk. I’m working on something else while I post these pics, but I’m trying to get right clips for a vid I’m editing. ♥

❅ Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was extremely busy because I went to a birthday party. Hopefully this makes up for it 💀. ❅

🍂 Guts’ traveling party; man is this troupe irreplaceable. So much diversity and individuality between all of them, there’s something oddly enlightening from seeing all of them grouped up, kind of makes the Band of the Hawk’s misfortune all the better for the plot as a whole. Nonetheless R.I.P. to the O.G.’s ⚰️.

🥀 Relentless guise; panels like these where Guts is portrayed semi-silhouette are some of the most brooding and excitable.

♰ Light Yagami at first was someone you can relate to, because I agreed with him using the death note to eliminate criminals at first, then he just got too power hungry and selfish in terms of using his power to achieve his dream. Just like Griffith. ♰

• Morning. ✥ Solitary Swordsman; spurred by bleak resolve.

✧ Phantom Blood; bound by fate. Of all parts in JJBA which is your most preferred?

✢ MY FAVORITE COUPLE OMG. THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I can’t wait when Casca comes back! their relationship is soooo realistic and so well developed which can be rarely found in anime/manga nowadays. 😍 ✢

❅ I don’t know if I’m going to make a Griffith edit because he’s just a shitty person. MAYBE. Anyways, Guts has to be one of the best male characters I have ever read, and one of the most attractive of course. ❅

🕊 The Catalyst; Rebirth of the Falcon. How cruel yet crafty of Miura to make the demon child a means to render Femto in the flesh, especially seeing as to what is currently going on in the series.

✥ Hi guys, I’m back (again!) because things have finally began to simmer down in terms of school and my schedule. I’ll be having a 4 day weekend starting Friday! Can I just say I love Casca? She’s sooooo amazing and honestly I’m kind of disappointed how underrated Berserk as a manga and anime is. ✥

🖤 Morning all, it seems like Valentine’s Day has always been a bittersweet holiday for communities as a whole, especially on the internet. For you angst-ridden, edgy fellows out there falling under the “bitter” portion of the word ‘bittersweet’ because you don’t have anyone to tenderly love and/or fondle, if you don’t have a valentine today, consider your social media friendly strugglerbro nothing short from that. Feel free confess your undying love (or seething hate) and all of your wildest fantasies to your hearts content. (spare me the fondling, though). Anyway, here are some heartfelt valentine’s cards that I’ve come across and find absolutely dandy. Enjoy or hate, but regardless, much love. 🗡 🥀.

👁 Future Sight; Sonya. Regardless of her affiliation, I think Sonya is to be appreciated seeing as how what she says/envisions can foreshadow a great deal for what’s to come (which does the Berserk fandom a favor seeing as to how often we have to speculate). I’m honestly hoping to see more of her/her abilities. Especially during that scene in which she exchanges words with Zodd under a tree. Thoughts?

☩ Looming Enigma; Knight of Skeleton. How do you personally feel about SK in the series? I would honestly love to see a novel exclusively written for him, although only in the case of Berserk finishing beforehand. I think it’d be pretty sick to delve into all the mysteries within his character and see where he’s coming from in spite of all the things he succinctly preaches to Guts.

✧ Hawk of Darkness; Light Absolved. Evening all, currently have some stuff in the works regarding something I had asked you all not too long ago, hoping for decency. Have a good one 🥀.

▣ Unwavering; Boss Ken Kitano. An SKR anime adaptation would be one that I’d kill for if it were to stay loyal to the source material and not filter out any of the vulgar aspects of the series. Which is your favorite of Boichi’s works?

❦ Recurrent Confrontation; but will The Struggler and The Immortal conflict in this way forever? To confront the sword that once cut his flesh, or to use it as a weapon of his own. By no means is causality a perfect circle, rather it is a spiral. . .

🗡 Casca; Unfragmented. Former Unit Commander of the Band of the Hawk. Afternoon all, I’ve always been fond of the way she’s been drawn/designed in both the manga and ‘97 anime, what’s your favorite rendition of her?

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