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“พี่คิมบอกว่า ไม่อยากจับมือเหมือนเดิมแล้ว อยากจับมือแบบใหม่” #พี่เตอร์สินกํา
#คิมคอป 💓💓
🙏 Cr. On pic 🙏

Event: Central Celebrates 2018
Moons: Kimmon & Copter

❌ Dashing to the snow
✔ Dashing through the snow

Jingle bells (KimCop version)
*Be happy, be happy, be happy~ (5x)
Wishing you happiness
We, KimCop is here
Do not worry we're all happy
*Be happy, be happy, be happy~ (5x)
We are happy at Cen Latphrao
We are happy at Cen Latphrao
We are happy at Cen Latphrao
Hey, are we all happy?
🌲🎉 Merry Christmas guys!!!!
We have nothing but a small gift for you this Christmas 💕
Always thank you for reading and watching or even dropping by 😊 Feel free to say hi and leave some messages :) I will appreciate it a lot. And other videos are coming soon...😙 That's all😂

Lots of Love,
FlyMeto6Moons Team

#ขุณขิมมอญ #ใหญ่ลักยิ้มยักไหล่2017 #วโรวัฒน์ #6MoonsEngTrans #FlyMeEngSub


▪Life has ups and downs
▪still need to struggle more
▪Although it is not satisfying
▪Please keep fighting, dont give up and be lively
▪Just be like aunt Jai
▪Scissor, egg, silk
▪One egg costs 2 baht and 50 satangs
coolta: Who do you want to encourage????? coolta: Just like the other one that needs the encouragement. I heard that he is 'forever alone'

Additional info:
▪ Copter wears t-shirt with 'forever alone' written on it
#ขุณขิมมอญ #ใหญ่ลักยิ้มยักไหล่2017 #วโรวัฒน์ #6MoonsEngTrans #FlyMeEngTrans

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