زياد تري شعري لانداي از ظلم وا قهر وزندگي زنان گب ميزنه....
من #اكسبلور فولو جعلك للجنةة❤️ | @af8__

Practice makes a man perfect, say Coach @danny_waz -
Trying me best to learn as much as I can. After all it is not as difficult as #nursing and I am loving it.
Thank you @danny_waz 🙏🙏🙏

People will always tell you to do things they couldn’t do, Or that they will tell you something you are doing is useless.
The reason again is simple; most of the time people just don’t want us to try, Because they either did it wrong and didn’t get anything out of it, or they are just afraid you will do it right.
Keep going like a sheep 🐑
Don’t like back but help those who are in need.
A pic by @danny_waz
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Preparing for something big, it’s quite difficult to keep smiling but I am happy 😊
به دعا دوستها ضروروت دارم 🙏

The only real enemy you have is your own self. It threatens you with fear, doubt, isolation and that of judgment by others. -
Once you overcome this enemy and make it your friend, the world and especially the people whom you were afraid of will be your admirer. -
Sometimes it’s not just people and society but our own self which holds us back from doing what we want.

قطره دریاست٬ اگر با دریاست ورنه قطرهہ قطره٬ دریا دریاست “A drop is ocean only when it is in the ocean;
otherwise, a drop is a drop and an ocean is an ocean.” -
We all are one when connected through a spiritual bond, without that we are just ourselves. -

از آن نترس که های و هو داره؛ از آن بترس که سر به تو داره
Fear not he who makes a lot of fuss; fear he who keeps to himself.

Some people just love the cloths you wear not the heart you have 😂

He promised me to have good breakfast everyday, work out at least 30 minutes a day, sleep at least 7 hours at night and love ❤️

It’s is said that life is an Art of drawing ✍️ but without an eraser ✏️.
Be careful of what you are drawing

A friend once said my arms are bigger than me and I didn’t believe him 😂

Abs are the easiest muscles to target, so forget them and focus on the bigger muscles 💪🏼

The biggest weapon you have is you me smile. If you manage to smile in adversaries, the world will follow you like a sheep follows a shepherd.

The journey I am on, would have never been possible without the support of family and friends. I therefore dedicate this pic for all those who have sincerely shown their love and support to me. Picture Abi baqi ha meray dost 😉

Become the architect and make your body the way you like.
Just need to focus , work every day, close your ears for a while, and the results will be amazing 😉

Workout, Eat, Study, Eat , Sleep, Read, Eat, Eat , Sleep and REPEAT 😂😂

The biggest lesson I have learnt is that failure makes me stronger and curious as what and how to do thighs better next time .

We can make the world the way we want. Good or bad the choice is always ours 🙏

Step 1: join a gym
Step2: find a good diet and workout plan
Step 3 : take a friend with you
Step 4: Never ever stop what you started and see what happens
It is all this simple.

My journey back in 2017, this is how you transform your body, cell by cell, muscle by muscles, every day but slowly, so slowly that you may not be able to notice the results until you compare you present with your past or people start telling you.
All I did ever was simple and very easy for any one else.
I simply wake up at 6:05 in the morning and go to gym by 7 am sharp. Workout for 45-60 mints then have my breakfast and go to classes. The advantage I have is, not eating fast food, thought I eat but that’s only once or twice in 3 months. I just sleep for 6 hours and if I have time the afternoon nap is too good to be missed other wise life is simply cool.
It’s worth a try.

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