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Для успеха не надо быть умнее других, надо просто быть на 14 недель быстрее большинства👆🏿 David Guetta Jr. 🎧 #slystallone #markanthony #19человек #цитатыанаанглийском

Когда кто-то высказывает свое мнение, и ты пытаешься вспомнить, просил ли ты об этом... #учиманглийский #английский #цитатыанаанглийском #цитаты #английскиецитаты

Ты не должен принимать то, что тебе не нравится.

#фразыанглийский #английский #лексика #цитатыанаанглийском #цитаты

Никогда не стыдись того, что тебе нравится и во что ты веришь.

#учиманглийский #английский #цитатыанаанглийском #афоризмы #цитаты

"Жизнь - это не поиски себя, жизнь - это создание себя" Как творческая натура, не могу не согласиться с Бернардом Шоу📚 ..иии это так увлекательно! 🙃

Счет, пожалуйста. - Bill, please [бил], [плиз].
Чек, пожалуйста. - Check, please [чек], [плиз].
Можно попросить счет? - Could I have the bill, please? [куд] [ай] [хэв] [зэ] [бил], [плиз]?
Могу я взять чек? - Can I get the check, please? [кэн] [ай] [гет] [зэ] [чек], [плиз]?
Я бы хотел рассчитаться сейчас. - I would like to pay now, please [ай] [уэд] [лайк] [тэ] [пей] [нaу], [плиз].
Сколько я Вам должен? - How much do I owe you? [хaу] [мач] [ду] [ай] [oу] [ю]?
Сколько всего? - How much is the total? [хaу] [мач] [из] [зэ] [ˈтoтэл]?
Плата за обслуживание включена в счет? - Does the bill include the service charge? [даз] [зэ] [бил] [инˈклуд] [зэ] [ˈсэвэс] [чадж]?
Мне кажется, в счете ошибка. - I believe the bill is added up wrong [ай] [биˈлив] [зэ] [бил] [ис] [ˈэдид] [ап] [рон].
Я заплачу по счету. - The bill is on me [зэ] [бил] [из] [он] [ми].
Сегодня вечером я угощаю. - I treat you to dinner this evening [ай] [трит] [ю] [ту] [ˈдинэ] [зыс] [ˈивнин]
Запишите это на мой счет, пожалуйста. - Put it on my bill, please [пут] [ит] [он] [май] [бил], [плиз].
Я плачу за всех. - I am paying for everything [ай] [эм] [ˈпейин] [фо] [ˈэвриˌсин]
Мы платим отдельно. - We are paying separately [ви] [а] [ˈпейин] [ˈсэпэрэтли]
Давайте заплатим поровну. - Let's split the bill [лэтс] [сплит] [зэ] [бил]
Позвольте мне заплатить мою долю. - Let me pay my share [лэт] [ми] [пэй] [май] [шэа]
Сдачи не надо. - Keep the change, please [кип] [зэ] [чейндж], [плиз]

#учиманглийский #английский #фразыанглийский #цитатыанаанглийском #счет

Питайся правильно.
Пей воду.
Усердно тренируйся.
Ставь цели.
Оставайся сконцентрированным.
Никогда не сдавайся.

#учиманглийский #английский #цитатыанаанглийском #мотивация #зож

Действуй. Закончится это хорошо или плохо, это будет опытом

#английский #цитатыанаанглийском #мотивация #опыт #цитата


Are we equal in the eyes 👀 of the society? Should we be equal in the eyes 👀 of the society? #justiceserved

JFK, 1992 ▪️ What about you?

The modernization affects our brains and bodies. So many things were invented in the last century that changed the way we live, eat, learn, work, raise our children and take care of elderly. The life circle has grown thorns, horns, turns, - is it due to GMO or technology? While we cannot change the process of evolution, we can think, learn and make informed choices. #maketherightchoices #thinkbeforeyoudo

The colours and emotions in life are bright, but also have shades and shadows. We hide behind the canvas of life while going through days and naked emotions in an attempt to avoid being broken. Who we really are under the fabric is our deepest hidden secret, which is rarely shared with the few trusted souls. #nothingthebook #ifiwasanobject

We judge everyone and everything everyday. We give opinions and ratings all the time. But somehow in this game of stars we forget that we are humans and we still fell hurt when we are judged or, worse, even bullied for the basic things that we cannot change. #weareallequal #dontbullypeople #skincolourdoesntmatter #dontjudgemeplease

When people do unspeakable things, you try to comprehend the loss, not why they did. My heart ❤️ goes out to all affected by #lasvegasmassacre #letthemrestinpeace .

Who are we without emotions or relationships? As long as we have courage to let go the corrosive ones. #saynotoemotionalabuse #makerightchoices #nothingthebook

Let the sadness be gone and #livehappilyeverafter. This post was prompted by the news of another teen's suicide, this time at one of the neighbouring schools . While depression is not a mood swing, #askforhelp and find the solution! Death cannot be undone. #suicideisnotanoption If someone you know needs help reach out to them before it is too late.

Way older than humans (their first appearance is dated about 300 millions back) the dragonflies live in this know form as a flying insect only for few short months. Their life starts the way human life does, in a water, and they grow as a nymph or larvae and live in a water, dark an unnoticed much longer than in the air. Kind of reminds me of human development:) #leaveyourmark❌ #liveyourmark #dragonflyforever

Live, write, rewrite and be the best and sincere actor/actress that you could be. There is no second takes. Only second chances and new chapters! #liveeverysecond #nothingthebook

Time goes by, while we learn and grow, always busy, always in a rush. #timeismoney #nothingthebook #notfakedeep

There are two integrated parts to every human: the ephemeral soul and the concrete body. Cannot live without one of them:). #livinginharmony #bodyandsoul

We write our own script, we hire the actors, we create the scenes and the dialogue, we act it out. We cannot change the movie 🎥 of our lives, cut out the scenes or add new ones. We live every scene, every day and no real record remains when we are gone. #liveeverysecond #livelifenow

Let us have dreams and what we do with them is up to us:) #letthedreamersdream

Let us have safe travels on the road of life and get where we need to be to fulfill our destiny. From my second book 📚 #nothingthebook to be released October 2017 (hopefully 😊❤️)

This one is about finding the peace within, not the #peaceallovertheworld as #iamnotmissamerica, and leaving you #personalhell behind. Learning from pain and happiness is what allows humans to evolve and grow. #alwaysmove

Say what you mean and mean what you say: all lives matter. We need to be responsible humans, kind, empathetic, hardworking, sincere and honest. We can change the world, #onehumanatatime #alllivesmater

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