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Taffan Ako Sharif  Founder of EmpowHERment♀ OYW Coordinating Ambassador/ President of the Association Of International Affairs KD I don't tolerate cyberbullying📵

International women's day tomorrow. My favorite day of the year. Not because I celebrate or want to be celebrated. For those of you who've followed me since 2013 you know I started off my journey by writing articles about feminism in different countries. Women's rights and feminism will always be so close to my heart, it's such a personal topic.
I don't want you to congratulate women tomorrow. Educate yourself on one topic, one issue girls and women are facing today. Then go and tell the people around you. Go tell your mother you're now enlightened about how many girls are forced to undergo FGM to control their sexuality, go tell your friends about the 16% gender pay gap that exists in Europe, go tell your father about how 71% of human trafficking victims are women and girls. This is the greatest way to "celebrate" this day. Educate yourself enough to understand why women's day exists. It's not about celebrating what we have but to remind ourselves and society how much more we have left to work on. It's a constant reminder.
1. Go online and educate yourself or read about one issue women and girls face today.
2. Now tell anyone that is close to you, tell them you've enlightened yourself on a topic.Tell the women around you how much you care for them and their remarkable achievements.

3. Post about what you read and what you learned. Or simply post something regarding a women's issue that is close to your heart. Hashtag #DontCongratulateEducate or tag me.
I'll repost all your posts tomorrow or as soon as you post them. In your post I'd like you to challenge a bunch of friends and family to do the same.
I'm paying extra much thought to the women in Rojhalat, Rojava, Bashur and Bakur. Iran, Iran, Syria, Kurdistan and Turkey. You're the bravest most selfless, remarkable women I've ever met. You fight ISIS, dictators, oppressing governments, side by side all men starring death right in the eye. We owe you everything. Thank you for fighting on behalf of all of us. I challenge @Docalis @effbeezee @v_ana @trophiy @dashnimoradofficial @ssharif.13 @deanbenjamin @luca.bucken
#womenInPower #internationalWomensDay #womenEmpowerment #DontCongratulateEducate

A few months ago, I was voted to be president of the association of international affairs in Karlstad ( @upfkarlstad ) I went from being the secretary during 2017 with a board consisting of six great guys to become president with an entire new, diverse board with 11 people sitting beside me. I'm humbled and thankful. I am looking forward to engaging our youth in democratic and diverse ways in foreign affairs and politics from Sweden. We just had our first fieldtrip of 2018 with 20 of our active members which turned out to be a huge success. I have these lovely people to thank that for. Forever grateful to be able to call you friends, colleges and mentors! Special thanks to Jan Eliasson former deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and Sweden’s foreign minister and of course my since day 1 supporter Mr.Wolf.

I am quoting myself again and will finish by writing -
“A country’s most valuable recourse can be the youth. If only supported and encouraged at all times youth empowerment can be the greatest contribution towards development.” #youth #youthempowerment #politics #activism #passion #Change #social #entrepreneur #UN

When I'm in Cambodia I always feel complete and at peace.. over 300 young girls, along with their mother's, have been able to take part of the workshops and educational programs I created while I was there. The girls are getting information and being educated on sexual health, hygiene, women empowerment and children's rights. It might not be much I've been able to provide for them. Yet the thought of these young girls, who were once sexually abused and put through human trafficking, being enlightened on these topics makes my heart burst with joy. You're always capable of bringing much greater change into this world than you think. Remember that

I hope you all had a great night. I spent new year's having a wonderful dinner with family and loved ones in Manchester. Relatively calm but filled with love and good company which is all that counts to me. May the new year bring you and your loved ones great health, joy and endless of success! Thank you instagram fam for 2017 - you've been wonderful ❤ Sali tazatan piroz be azizan #FirstPostOf2018

Please forgive me if I have not tagged you all!

Here's a photo of my family. My @oneyoungworld family with our OYW mom and dad (founder Kate Robertson and @thedavidjones ). You will never quite comprehend the amount of influence you've had on all of us. When I started to put my words into action at the age of 18 I never thought I would end up where I am today. I do dare to say it is all thanks to you team. You've given me opportunities I could've only dreamt of, been my main source of inspiration and paved the way for most of my work. Along with it all I made friends that became family. You truly shaped the leader I call myself today. The power of @oneyoungworld is absolutely remarkable and I've been so fortunate to have shaped my OYW journey to what it has become today. I'm forever grateful and in debt for all that you have given me. It's been a privilege to have worked with you all coordinating ambassadors of 2016/2017. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for an outstanding year. You're all incredible. Matthew, Saf, Erik - TEAM! We love you guys. Happy New year dear OYWfam 💙💙💙 #OneYoungWorldFamily #oyw #OneYoungWorld #Europe #Asia #Africa #MENA #southamerica #America #politics #youth #leadership #activism

I love this man. Many don't know why but the important thing is that I know why. Been so fortunate to be in your presence for the past 2 years. You guide and teach me things without you even knowing it. Thank you for everything.

The past 24h have been a complete nightmare. You will never understand. You will never know how it is to constantly be on a mission in life, to fight against oppressors, to fight for what you are. You will never know how it feels like to be hated for your ethnicity. For the language that you speak. For the name you carry. To always be reminded that you must carry on the legacy of your ancestors. You must make sure all our lost ones and shehid (martyrs) are always remembered. Tell me – How is it being born free from this? How is it being born into something much more manageable and not so complex? How is it to not have an identity crisis? You will never know how it feels like living under a politically incompetent government and among corrupt parties. People who claim they are leaders but cannot lead anything other than where their pockets take them. Leaders who cannot agree to protect the lives of their own people, innocent civilians! I am ashamed. It is all a constant battle. A battle I fear to be forced to pass on to my unborn children so they know where their mother came from for them to have a peaceful life. No, you will never understand and I wish for no one to experience the traumatic incidences we have endured and still do. We simply voted on independence without declaring anything and wanted nothing but peace and dialogue throughout the entire thing. This is the response in return. Guns, war, violence, and oppression. And this my friends.. THIS is why I am forced to fight for not only human rights in general but to make sure oppressed and stateless people are equally represented as the rest of you at international platforms and forums. Do not ask me if I am a nationalist. Do not ask me if I am patriotic and do not assume that I want to divide nations and people. Because I do not. But do not force another nationality upon me. And now I am officially going into my second political depression for this year. You may reach me still by email #Kurdistan

I'm leaving #Colombia #Bogota with a heavy heart but so much appreciation. I have so much respect for the people of Colombia, your country, your struggle, your history and your culture. It saddens me to leave. I can't thank you enough for hosting us, thank you to all the volunteers, the #OYW team, the coordinating ambassadors, David and Kate and so so many more. I've been so fortunate to meet such amazing people this week who have all contributed in giving me memories of a lifetime. This experience never gets old or tiring. I'm extremely grateful. Spending one last day here and then I'm off✈.. But I can't wait to come back and enjoy your beautiful country once again Colombia! Also a huge huge thank you to all of you who have been sending messages, videos, phone calls, tweets etc and watched my speech. I've seen it all and trying to personally thank each and one of you! I love you. Until next time Colombia.. ❤ #oywthehague #oyw #politics #youth #empowerment #womenempowerment #activism #act #oyw2017

Quickly flew back to Stockholm from Gothenburg after I joined Paul Frigyes and Martin Angeby at the Göteborg Book Fair 2017 where we talked about our new book EXIL and also had a signing. Such a pleasure to not only be on the cover but to have my story in this book along with 6 other outstanding activists.
And now.. A 13 hour long flight awaits me. At the airport in Frankfurt now to attend my favorite event of the year – One Young World! Wishing all my friends, our counsellors and ambassadors a safe flight to Bogota. I shall see you all soon!
Do not forget to stream the entire thing live at oneyoungworld.com. Will be giving heads up before my speech for those who asked! (Due to the extreme time difference and hectic schedule I will not be replying to any emails, calls or texts while in Bogota.) #Bogota #Colombia #conference #OYW #politics #activism #youngleadership #youth #empowerment #social #entrepreneur #author #bookfair #southamerica

Dreams do come true when you turn them into goals and work towards them. I never would've thought that little Taff from Suleymaniah Kurdistan, born in a war torn region and fleeing the oppression at the 90's would one day share the stage with one of my fathers biggest idols (and mine). I am beyond grateful and filled with excitement to let you all know that I have officially been selected as a delegate speaker for the first time during my 4 years as an active ambassador within the @oneyoungworld Community. In less than two weeks I will be joining leaders and ambassadors from all over the world to discuss some of the world’s most pressing issues. I am even more delighted to announce that I will have the tremendous honor to share the stage with Kofi Annan, President Vinicio Cerezo, Hope Solo, Lord Michael Hastings, Mohamed Amersi and 5 other outstanding selected delegate speakers. We will be speaking at the Peace & Reconciliation plenary session. I have also been selected as Sweden’s flagbearer for the opening ceremony. I take much pride in representing my two motherlands –Kurdistan and Sweden. I hope to do you all justice and represent you well. Colombia, Bogota I shall see you soon! #Colombia #Bogota #OYW #conference #young #youth #leadership #politics #humanitarian #humanrights

که‌سێکی چالاک بووم له‌ وه‌ن یۆنگ ۆرلد که‌ یه‌کێکه‌ له‌ گه‌وره‌ترین کۆنفرانسه‌کان بۆ ئه‌و گه‌نجانه‌ی که‌ سه‌رکرده‌ی لێهاتوون که‌ نێونانیاری ۱۹٦وڵات ده‌که‌ن. هه‌موو ساڵێک ۱۵۰۰ گه‌نج باسی ئه‌و کێشانه‌ ده‌که‌ن که‌ له‌ جیهاندا هه‌ن. بۆ ٤ ساڵ شه‌ره‌فی ئه‌وه‌م وه‌رگرت که‌ نوێنه‌رایه‌تی کوردستان و سوید بکه‌م. چالاکانه‌ ئیشم کرد که‌ هه‌ل بۆ گه‌نجی تر بڕه‌خسێنم که‌ خۆیان ته‌رخان ئه‌که‌ن بۆ کۆمه‌ڵگاکه‌مان. زۆر خۆش حاڵم که‌ ئه‌مساڵ هه‌ڵبژێردراوم به‌ یه‌کێک له‌و ٦ قسه‌کارانه‌ی که‌ دێنه‌ سه‌ر سته‌یج له‌ کۆڵۆمبیا و بۆگۆتا له‌گه‌ڵ چه‌ند که‌سایه‌تی وه‌کو کۆفی ئه‌نان ، سه‌رۆک ڤینیسیۆ سێریزۆ، محمد ئامێرسی و چه‌ند که‌سێکی تر. من ئه‌و بیرۆکانه‌ پێشکه‌ش ئه‌که‌م که‌ چۆن بوه‌ستینه‌وه‌ و شه‌ڕ بکه‌ین له‌ دژی توندوو تیژی تووند ڕه‌وی و تیرۆری ئه‌مڕۆ. که‌ خه‌ونێکی له‌ مێژینه‌ی منه‌ که‌ ئاوه‌ باس بکه‌م له‌به‌ر چاوی هه‌زاره‌ها که‌س وه‌ نوێنه‌رایه‌تی دوو وڵاته‌که‌م بکه‌م سوید و کوردستان. سوپاسی هه‌موو پشتگیری و وشه‌ جوانه‌کانتان ئه‌که‌م. هیوادارم بێ ئومێدتان نه‌که‌م.

I am happy to share with you that over 800 children have now participated in the “My ISIS story” project at camps across Iraq. The project first came to my mind when I saw hundreds of women and children being kept behind barbed wires and watched around the clock by security forces near Tikrit. They were families of ISIS terrorists but had themselves fled ISIS’s barbarism. I sat down with some of the children and we spoke. They told me how their fathers have forever destroyed their lives, the opportunity to build a bright academic future and the self-hate that was caused by the fact that their fathers were fighting with ISIS. They told me how their fathers forcefully married their younger sisters to other ISIS terrorists and how they were constantly beaten and tortured. Eventually they fled with their mothers – those who were made it out alive.
It was extremely difficult listening to the mothers and children explain the torture they were in while living under ISIS rules. What was even more heartbreaking was to see how they all were being associated with ISIS and seen as a threat and a curse by other families in the camp. The project now gathers children from different backgrounds, religions and stories to join each other for activities chosen by themselves. Meanwhile mothers and other family members who are willing to participate are attending small workshops and group talk sessions where each and one can relief their pain, resentment and share their stories on how they fled the hands of ISIS. All in hopes of creating more understanding, acceptance and unity among families at these camps. #UN #UNHCR #humanity #humanitarian #Iraq #Kurdistan #projects #CVE #violent #extremism #Rudaw

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