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Taffan Ako Sharif  Social entrepreneur Founder of EmpowHERment OYW Coordinating Ambassador for EU Passionate about loads of things & I travel a lot in my work!🌍

Long time no see! Been busy with the usual just more than usual.. to compensate for my horrible updating recently I thought I'd give out 3 SDG pins (the one I'm wearing in the picture 🎉). As you know by now I'm very much passionate about the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) and it's no secret the closest to my heart are 4,5 and 16!💙 Comment which sustainable development goal is your favorite out of the 17 ones and I'll randomly DM 3 of you to recieve a pin. These pins can't be purchased everywhere FYI! I'll cover shipping costs and send a little personal gift from myself to you as well. Love you guys, thanks for sticking through it all with me! #sdg #UN #sustainable #Development #Goals

Thank you to those who have reached out. I’m mourning the loss of a dear friend, uncle and role model I have had since I was 17. Here I am in Bali, supposedly on vacation yet all I can do is let these tears run down my cheeks. I am hoping for this all to be a nightmare and someone will wake us all up soon.

Many didn’t know or understood why I loved him so dearly, but the important thing was that I did. Last time I spoke with Mr. Annan was on 14th of May. We were on the phone as he expressed his enthusiasm regarding the OYW caucus I had arranged in Stockholm and he was looking forward to seeing me and hear all about everything I had done this year, we were going to meet each other in The Hague for OYW 2018. Back when my father was a peshmerga and he was fighting for democracy and human rights against the Baath regime, he used to hide in mountains with his brothers and fellow peshmergas. My father carried a small radio with him and every now and then he hoped to receive connection somewhere and listen to the news. He once heard the man that was his role model as well, giving a speech at the UN, defending the basic human rights of the Kurdish people as we were going through a genocide. My father used to write down short quotes of his speeches and carry it with him as he was facing death every day. He influenced the lives of so many and I am honored, humbled and forever grateful that life allowed me to work with Mr.Annan. This is all thanks to @oneyoungworld
Kofi Annan was a symbol of justice, equality and dignity. He influenced so many people with his deep compassion and empathy. I will always remember him as the man who hated taking selfies but loved informal and heartfelt conversations. I love you. Thank you for everything boss. Your spirit will live on forever

Its my birthday!🎂 PLEASE READ IF YOU WANT TO DO ONE GOOD DEED TO SAVE SOMEONES LIFE IN MINUTES‼️ (Link in bio for the coming 2 days), .
Just a few days ago an earthquake hit the island Lombok here in Bali. The death toll from the earthquake has passed 430 people, most of whom died in collapsing buildings.The magnitude 7.0 quake flattened thousands of homes and according to the disaster agency's latest estimate has displaced about 350,000 people. (!!!) I urge you all, please, to donate and help these children and families. I've been in touch with local organizations and local volunteer groups who are delivering all the help we are collecting together. Please click the link in my bio forore information and to help families in need who have literally lost it all. I would forever be grateful. If you do make a donation, even if a small one, send me a screenshot and I'll repost!( I won't show the amount) . Love you all, thank you so much for your birthday wishes! #lombok #bali #humanitarian

3 weeks ago, I disjointed my knee instantly thinking I won’t be able to do my job in Hong Kong. That was the first thing that came to my mind as I was laying there in pain. I am so grateful I managed and got to HK because I wouldn’t have want to miss this mission for anything. 10h direct flight with @flysas who made sure I not only got there in time, but I also got there very comfortable with a seat (more like a bed!) in business. I was happy, my knee was happy and the team was happy.
Hong Kong – thank you for everything you gave me this second time around. I constantly crave new experiences and you gave me just that. This year 5 global leaders were chosen to guide, train and interact with thousands of participants for this year’s leadership program. I am beyond humbled and grateful to everyone who wanted me as one of the 5 global leaders in Hong Kong. I would like to thank my team, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, The Jockey Club, M21, my assistant, One Young World, World Vision, Miranda, Chrystal, Iki, Yuki and all the outstanding interns who were a part of this year’s program. Thank you to all the participants and students. I truly hope you all gained something out of our workshops and lectures. I'm so happy I got to enlighten you all about the SDG's, youth empowerment, women empowerment and humanitarian crisis. In 5 days we carried out 20+ sessions successfully and together with the other 4 global leaders we enabled nearly 4,400 local young people or members of the public in Hong Kong to learn and be empowered. My goal and wish was for you all to develop an international understanding and perspective of pressing global problems and overseas solutions. A fat dose of extra special love to all my participants – I have never experienced so much love and support from any country and/or local leaders. You had me in tears by the end of my trip! I love you all so much. Know you are appreciated and loved always. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yours truly,
Taff❤️. #HK #hongkong #travel #work #YoungLeader #youth #Empowerment #asia #UN #politics

Honored to be one of this year's 5 Global leaders for this year's Leaders to Leaders program in Hong Kong. During the entire program I'll be joining you on different panels, arranging workshops, lectures and have intimate and personal sit-downs with all of you to talk about the importance of young leadership and so much more. I'm really excited to meet so many of you there!
Find details at  leadershipinstitute.hk/ltl
Ticketing https://bit.ly/2Na8KAM (link in bio)

精選活動包括: 🎈全港首個千人摩天輪與領袖對話
🐟識條鐵(魚)煮飯仔 🌿「廚餘有寶」轉蔗為能工作坊 🏃🏻‍♂「假如我是難民」逃難生活體驗工作坊 🐯不再是虎媽 🥁非凡旅行家 X 音樂浪人分享會
#hongKong #Asia #Leaders #leader #YoungLeader #politics #leaderToLeader #passion #SocialEntrepreneur #travel #lecture #UN #EU

Here it is. Some small parts of my high level panel on women in peace and security during the European development days 2018. I had the tremendous honor to share this panel with Rose Gottemoeller Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Helga Schmid Secretary General of the European External Action Service, Petra Tötterman General secretary of @kvinnatillkvinna and Pramila Patten UN representative for secretary general on sexual violence in conflict. The main discussion was prevention and the WPS agenda. Thank you to my session organizers @kvinnatillkvinna for putting together such strong panel and allowing me to be a part of it. @europeaid @europeancommission @nato @unwomen #EDD18

Its time! Delighted to be sharing the role as this year's EU commissions EDD leader with 15 other outstanding leaders.This year's EDD will focus on women's issues and I'm humbled have been given specifically to work on Women/peace and security issues. I'll see you all in my favorite city, Brussels, really soon!
💙🇪🇺 #EDD18 #shEDDs #YoungLeaders
Photo by: Charlie Oliver @rlieoliver

Thank you for all of your lovely messages and congratulations. I rarely update on anything here these days due to my overwhelming schedule at the moment. But I'm so excited to have been elected as one of this year's EDD leaders and been specifically given to work on women in peace and security. This year's EDD is going to be remarkable - just look who I'm sharing this role with! Can't wait to meet all of you in my favorite city in EU - Brussels - in a few weeks. 💙🇪🇺 #politics #passion #EDD #EU #EuropeanUnion #EuropeanCommission #YoungLeadership #WomenInPower

We officially and successfully launched workshops regarding the UN SDG's at 2 camps and I also got to introduce it to Green Kids at Qushtapa Refugee Camp, in particular two of my favourite ones which are number 4 & 5 (gender equality & quality education). I do believe that by obtaining quality education we are providing the foundation for improving children's lives. Much progress has been made towards increasing access to education for all, especially for women and girls but there's so much more to be done and I want us all to contribute in our own way. I'm happy to be able to educate and provide opportunities to the youth and children at these camps were there is so much potential. I'm a firm believer in investing in youth empowerment and education so why should some be robbed off of opportunities and the ability to reach ones dreams due to inhumane circumstances they didn't cause? Thank you my dear @dashnimoradofficial for letting us visit and I hope the kids will enjoy the books. You are a remarkable woman doing outstanding work in our community and I'm proud to know you. A special thanks to the entire staff at the camp who kindly greeted us on such short notice. And yes I bought the library and the children "I am Malala".. so symbolic in so many ways❤💪 #ChildrensRights #HumanRights #Education #Politics #UN #Youth #Empowerment #Humanitarian

Hiwadarm amsal prr bet la xoshy w arami bo har 4 parchay Kurdustani xoshawist. La#Afrin karekian krdwa barambar NATO ba hamw dunyayan nasin bas zor badaxawa rexrawakani dunya disan pshtian tekrdin. Begoman kurd qat nakawe..❤ The people suffered through Kirkuk, Makhmor, Shingal, Khormato and Afrin within 3 years. Systematic attempts to kill as many kurds as possible from so many ways within such short time. Thousands of dead and even more forced into exile/became displaced. Yet people keep the fire burning within themselves and on the mountains. It's the one thing every kurd should celebrate (in whatever way one prefers ofc) as Newroz remains as a peaceful symbol of resistance against oppression and injustice. Don't ever let the fire within you distinguish. Fight for what's right, your rights and for what you believe in. Celebrate with pride. Embrace both the beauty and struggle that comes with being Kurd. My heart and mind has been with all 4 parts of Kurdistan this Newroz and especially with Afrin as thousands of families have been killed by Turkey with the support of NATO while the international community stayed passive throughout it all. I'm incredibly thankful to have spent Newroz here this year. It was the most special celebration. Newroztan piroz❤

International women's day tomorrow. My favorite day of the year. Not because I celebrate or want to be celebrated. For those of you who've followed me since 2013 you know I started off my journey by writing articles about feminism in different countries. Women's rights and feminism will always be so close to my heart, it's such a personal topic.
I don't want you to congratulate women tomorrow. Educate yourself on one topic, one issue girls and women are facing today. Then go and tell the people around you. Go tell your mother you're now enlightened about how many girls are forced to undergo FGM to control their sexuality, go tell your friends about the 16% gender pay gap that exists in Europe, go tell your father about how 71% of human trafficking victims are women and girls. This is the greatest way to "celebrate" this day. Educate yourself enough to understand why women's day exists. It's not about celebrating what we have but to remind ourselves and society how much more we have left to work on. It's a constant reminder.
1. Go online and educate yourself or read about one issue women and girls face today.
2. Now tell anyone that is close to you, tell them you've enlightened yourself on a topic.Tell the women around you how much you care for them and their remarkable achievements.

3. Post about what you read and what you learned. Or simply post something regarding a women's issue that is close to your heart. Hashtag #DontCongratulateEducate or tag me.
I'll repost all your posts tomorrow or as soon as you post them. In your post I'd like you to challenge a bunch of friends and family to do the same.
I'm paying extra much thought to the women in Rojhalat, Rojava, Bashur and Bakur. Iran, Iran, Syria, Kurdistan and Turkey. You're the bravest most selfless, remarkable women I've ever met. You fight ISIS, dictators, oppressing governments, side by side all men starring death right in the eye. We owe you everything. Thank you for fighting on behalf of all of us. I challenge @Docalis @effbeezee @v_ana @trophiy @dashnimoradofficial @ssharif.13 @deanbenjamin @luca.bucken
#womenInPower #internationalWomensDay #womenEmpowerment #DontCongratulateEducate

A few months ago, I was voted to be president of the association of international affairs in Karlstad ( @upfkarlstad ) I went from being the secretary during 2017 with a board consisting of six great guys to become president with an entire new, diverse board with 11 people sitting beside me. I'm humbled and thankful. I am looking forward to engaging our youth in democratic and diverse ways in foreign affairs and politics from Sweden. We just had our first fieldtrip of 2018 with 20 of our active members which turned out to be a huge success. I have these lovely people to thank that for. Forever grateful to be able to call you friends, colleges and mentors! Special thanks to Jan Eliasson former deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and Sweden’s foreign minister and of course my since day 1 supporter Mr.Wolf.

I am quoting myself again and will finish by writing -
“A country’s most valuable recourse can be the youth. If only supported and encouraged at all times youth empowerment can be the greatest contribution towards development.” #youth #youthempowerment #politics #activism #passion #Change #social #entrepreneur #UN

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