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BTS V (๑^ロ^๑) TAEHYUNG  the little reasons to love 김태형 ♡ let's support him together 🐯🌱


— ❤️: Tae playing Sick!
Taehyung once pretended to feel sick during a fansign and then casted a heart sign after his act He's so silly but the poor fan! oh gosh.
• Q : what would you do if he ever did this to you?
• A : I honestly would not know how I'd react if he ever did this to me, my heart would probably fail me

Hey, buttercup
I'm proud of you for being here. Life can be tough but you're doing so well.
If things doesn't go your way then give it a bit of time and take a breather. Surround yourself with thoughts and the little things that makes you content.
Remember you are an individual, although a star amongst billions, you shine in your own way, having the ability to captivate the hearts of others. Your meaning is more than a person's mind can comprehend.
It's the end of the week so please do treat yourself ♡

this lil kitten looks super adorable whenever he wakes up 🐱♡
Happy Sunday! Do you guys have any plans today or did you so anything fun? It's my gramps bday so i'm going to be spending lots of time with him 😊
Have a wonderful day/night!

— 🐱:
Soft kitty, warm kitty. Little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty. Purr purr purr
Goodnight ♡ im excited to talk to you guys more on this acc

Hello~ i have a question:
Would you guys mind if i turn this acc into a taehyung spam acc? I'll still 100% post about taehyung and videos + bts! But some captions will be about my day and what makes me happy.
I have a spam acc and im so active on it and i feel like im neglecting this acc. So i wondered if you mind me converting this into a tae spam acc so i can post more! or just keep the acc/captions strictly about tae? ♡

This is so cute he's such a baby 👶🏻♡

— ❤️: Tae wearing sweaters and berets is such a cute combo, don't you think?

Tae blew into yoongi's ear like the punk he is and blasted away as if his life depended on it. Jimin casted such a cute smile afterwards 💚
• Q : are you the shy friend or the jokester?
• A : i joke around a lot!

— 🎵:
tae always look at his fans so fondly and he casts one of the proudest smiles whenever he sees or hears armys singing along to their songs. His eyes are sparkling as he's listening to the fans 💕
• Q : do you know any lyrics to bts' songs?
• A : bsjfnajxnskd i try

— 😊: Eyesmile
I love how you can still see his smile behind his mask 💕 I simply adore seeing him happy. I hope his contagious smile made you happy as well!
• Q : Name one thing that makes you smile
• A : Compilation videos of my favs eating! 🍠

— 🍑:
Tae started giggling when he noticed GOT7's JR in a cute peach hat!
This is a clip that I've kept close to my heart. I can listen to tae's laughter all day long. The littlest of things can make him smile and i'm forever grateful for those them since his happiness is equivalent to mine.
His laugh is just so contagious! I hope this made you smile as well~
•Q : comment your favorite emojis!
•A : 💛🐰🕊🌱🌷☀️😿🍼🍮

— 🍫:
Tae's cheeks have been getting chubbier and it makes me happy knowing that he's been eating well and gaining some weight (๑❛ᴗ❛๑) i smile so much whenever I see little clips of him enjoying his food.
I hope you guys are eating all of your meals as well. Take care of yourself, my dears 💕

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