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BTS V ✩ TAEHYUNG  🐯💛: please read the terms & conditions before falling in love with kim taehyung


「 🐕」♡
I get so happy whenever I see people complimenting and showing their love for Tae in my comments. Whether it's the three worded "I love Tae" or an entire paragraph on why Tae is precious. He honestly deserves so much love, support, and kindness. Just seeing these things brightens up my day wow

「 🐶」♡ Puppy Love
to emmi:
first of all, happy one year of us being friends, emmi! i only draw whenever i’m hit with a bunch of feels and believe it or not, i drew this while i was thinking of you. it may not be the best but i dedicate this drawing to you
you and tae are two very important people in my life. you’re both similar in many ways, but the main thing I associate you two with is that you both bring me happiness. whenever i talk to you, it’s always so fun and we’re constantly typing in caps and keyboard-smashing. i love how i could freely talk to you about anything—world problems, taekook, fanfics, shit happening at home, etc—and to be able to trust you.
I don’t have high hopes when it comes to meeting online friends but i can truly say that i can see us sticking with one another for a while. i can see us meeting in the future.
to think that one year ago you dmed me asking for advice on how to make friends, and here we are now, the best of friends. you’re my other half, my soulmate. I love you 💞

「 🎃」♡
Taehyung wanted to be Harley Quinn or Dracula~
I find it so neat how Tae wanted to be Harley because it shows that he's not close minded about gender norms. He’s just a bundle of sunshine who wants to have fun!
He was able to dress up as a vampire already so I wonder what’s in store next. I think the most exciting part about halloween is anticipating bangtan’s next costumes
• Q : are you dressing up for halloween? if so, what are you dressing up as?
• A : i haven’t decided yet but it’s going to be disney related!
©trans: kimmy yang, subs: me

「 👻」♡
these were Tae’s previous halloween costumes, I wonder what he and the rest of the gang are going to dress up as this year (。^‿^。)
• Q : which costume of his was your favorite- Joker, vampire, or Syaoran?
• A : i personally love him as Syaoran. it was so cute especially when he played with his kero plushie

「 ✏️」♡ the different designs of Tata
his heart is so child-like, he’s just drawing whatever pops into his mind and making people around him smile in the process. look at him, he’s so proud of his creations that you can’t help but to smile as well

「 🍼」♡ the members had to figure out how to transfer cola from one bottle to another but kept failing. taehyung succeeded by doing the simplest trick and everyone was shook!
he’s such a smarty, look at his smug eyebrow raise at the end
• Q : favorite beverage?
• A : i love boba and green tea but nothing beats water for me!
from bts run ep 4

Rant about anything in the comments. Take this time to let out any negative feeling that’s been on your chest and help each other out if you want

your Prince Charming ♡


tae’s actually a giant but he looks so smol here next to the line character 💞 pro!tect!

it’s 6am and the first thing i saw when i woke up was a fluffball with another fluffball. my day is complete

this entire look was short lasting and needs a comeback tbvh! woh era was iconic i will never let the memory of his purple hair die

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