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KoldGameTae❄  Forgive Me For All Of My Sins🖤🏃🏾💨🚓...🏀💸ATL&CHI Graduated🎓You Ain’t Hit No Target🎯❌HolyTrinity👻Cali📍#TorryWorld🌎🙏🏾 #NayWorld🌎🙏🏾No Pressure🔴💔

Why You Lookin At Me Like That❓😁

Durag Tae👳🏾‍♂️With The New Religion I’m In Now I Wear Durags At All Times..People Ask Me What Religion It Is..It’s Called TRUE Religion You Prolly Heard Of It..Just Know If You See Me With This On And It’s MidNight..Say GoodBye Simple..YEEERRRR🤫😁

LeTae James🐐This Was My First Dunk Attempt Coming Of A Broken Wrist And Left Knee Surgery...And I Had Ligma😲But Aye Listen Anybody Can Come Get Dunked On..Trust Me Tho This Ain't Whatchu Want🤧

OvOTaeHendrixx🦂..I Love The Offers And Compliments I Get When I Go To Clubs It’s Quite Flattering But I’m Not There For All That...I’m Just Tryna Sit Back And Drown Myself Into Some Alcohol Until My Stummy Hurts And Then I BlackOut..Now Are You With Me?🍸😁🤘🏾

PlayBoiTae🦋...I Needa Go Back to Pitt And Find My “Bestie”🤐She Was My Slime🖤 It’s Time To Get Her Back Fr🤭..I’m Back Tho..Y’all Miss Me?😆

🅱️IG 🅱️IRTHD🅰️Y🎉🎁🎈(Don’t let this distract from the you Fact that I’m 19 Now✅😎)

You Know I’m unforgettable💭😁🤫

Came a long way to live Nights like this Yuh Digg🌃🤘🏾😁 #prom2k18 @aye.riaa

What A Time To Be Alive💎 #prom2k18 #back2back

Yea...You know where to find me📍👋🏾😁

E V E R Y T H I N G❗️

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