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Nickelodeon the way I got that Slime! 🤧

Paper Soldier 🚛💰

I don't freestyle but I style for free 😅

Real dope boy I ain’t nothing like them weirdos 🚫🧢

“You don't go Hollywood when you from Hollywood / Let's go to the hood and f*ck with the haters / Then to the Staples Center and hang with the Lakers.”

I’m hot nigga I’m burning everything around me I was lost for a minute took awhile but I found me 🥀

It feel like my birthday I’m getting this cake, I pop like I got it I’m holding my weight 🤫

I worked MAGIC I worked MAGIC I worked MAGIC IN MY LIFE 😅

I don’t got time for no NEGATIVE ENERGY I’m on a WINNING STREAK I’m on a KILLING SPREE , the devil being doing the most but HE DONT EVER GET TO ME 😅

I’m UP I’m FREE I’m ALIVE couldn’t ask for more! 28 🎈

They called me broke and all types of shit, they treated me like I wasn’t shit. Now guess who the one UP HAVING SHIT 🤔😅😅

She said baby you stay fly I said I don’t even try 🤷🏽‍♂️😅

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