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Tadda's Fitness Center  Voted Atlanta Best Boot Camp. We are all about helping you create the best version of you for all fitness levels. Fitness starts from With! NO MESS!


Let's start the weekend off right #nomess #taddasfitness

When your BFF shows up with the same hat on while going to see Girls Trip. We been down since 84'. #nomess #bff

Need a little extra push? Grab your workout buddy and try these exercises. Tag and share. #nomess #taddasfitness #core #chairworkout #partnerexercises

Last session of the day and no I didn't take it easy. Try this pistol chair lunge. It will be difficult to keep your leg up at first however once you get a stronger core you will be able to do these with no problem. #nomess #taddasfitness #pistolsquat #core #chairexercise

Fitness is hard enough alone so grab a partner that will help keep it together. Try this partner arm workout.
So if you're watching this at work, grab your co-worker slide your chairs next to each other. Hold hands up in air and put a water bottle in the other. Now work those arms for one minute then switch seats. It's just 2 minutes of your life. Tag us and share. #nomess #taddasfitness #tonedarms #partnerworkout

Had a long week? Have a seat...it's just a chair! My clients truly understand that meaning especially after today's chair workout.
Chairs are everywhere so there is no excuse not to get a workout in. Try this warmup, tag and share. #nomess #taddasfitness #chairexercise

Dinner like a Pauper. #nomess #taddasfitness #eatclean

When I tell you my 7AM crew left it all on the track. They completed over 800m doing various exercises along the way. We always start the day right at TFC #nomess #taddasfitness #cardio #workout

So let me tell you these powerlifting shoes are cool however they are heavy and will take some getting use to wearing. They are not shoes for anything but lifting/ squatting etc....definitely no running.
So after many many squats getting up to 225 LBs I finally was able to get a deep squat comfortably at 135 LBs. I felt good squatting deep especially while having my own songbird @dellisonchic sing a squat gospel song just for me.
I can't wait to wear my lift shoes again...anything for a bigger booty 不不不. #nomess #taddasfitness #squatshoes

If you play golf you buy golfing gear. If you play tennis you buy tennis gear. I am loving lifting these heavy weights so I needed the proper gear to make life a little easier and to protect my body.
I already had my No Mess Waist Trainer that enables me to protect my back and abs. My knee sleeves are a dream. They make lunging and squatting so comfortable. And now my lift shoes.

Check out my next video to see if they helped to improve my squats. #nomess #taddasfitness #powerlifting #fitnessgear

Let's get it #nomess #taddasfitness

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