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  The neuroscience of decision-making under extreme stress.


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My summation of Mike's post: Embrace challenge, experience your emotions - celebrate victory and understand loss. Take breaks from the digital world and strive to reconnect with the natural one. Neuroplasticity is powerful. ・・・
The role of the Renegade in our society have changed vastly. With the immersion of our natural lives occupied in technology we have skewed lines between reality and our alternate realities. Emotions, language and how we communicate have been altered. I was recently enlightened by the idea that loss, tackling fear and failure are the introductions to personal growth. With that idea, with that understanding-the evolution of our society will recede our personal growth and this means compromise our modern survival. How do we ensure our survival? We communicate to real people, we stay committed to our lives in reality and not the promotion of our alter egos, we re-root our families and bonds in our tribe, and we focus on nature... the outdoors and stepping away from the very platform you are reading this from. Strike balance, believe in reintegrating value and character, and be a modern Renegade going against the grain. Choose to be a sheep dog in a world of sheeple. #modernsurvival #sheeple #fieldcraft #mission #evenifitkillsme #soulmate #life #love #country #fieldcrafttribe

Last night I went to touch up my @halffaceblades Crow Scout with the sharpener... 1hr later my wife comes to find me and asks if I'm ok. Now and again lose yourself in a task that you enjoy. Let the chaos drift into the background and focus on what's in front of you. It was a delightful hour.

Sometimes the truck bed looks like a showroom display case... sometimes it looks like my range bag vomited. This would be a case if the latter.

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The Tactical Neuroscience prints have found their way into the most amazing places... from operator huts to research labs. Thank you to everyone's support! ... ... ... Reppin @tacticalneuroscience while doing NeuroOncolgy research #EmersonKnives #CQC6 #TacticalNeuroscience #BrainsControlBullets #SendIt #pewpewpew

Never forget.

Find a sense of satisfaction in many aspects of life. Putting meat on the table for my family is one of mine.

Carve out time to get outside and experience nature. Yes, this isn't a trophy catch but the shared moment with my son was priceless. Stress changes instant to instant and sometimes melts away completely. Celebrate those blissful moments. This is one of mine.

Evening vibes. How do you relax after work?

High speed, Sunday funday as Monday approaches. Train multi platforms and multi modalities to build strong fundamentals. You never know when or where your skills will be required.

Foot care Friday! Had a little procedure done to keep my big toe in tip top shape. Let the healing process begin!

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#tbt Back at one of my favorite ranges of all time.
We're sure you know "what's up" if you're a customer. We only say that because we do background checks on everyone that buys a shirt. (If only) The way we see it, if we're going to sell high quality shirts that are made in America then we gotta make sure that they end up on the backs of those that defend our right to sell these shirts and those that support that right. Quality over quantity, We'd rather have 3k freedom loving, hardworking, respectable followers the 300k turds.

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