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Tacos And Jokes  Los Angeles CA COMEDY x FOOD x NONSENSE 💌 🌀 🌮 tacosandjokes@gmail.com


I’m ready 😌❤️🌮 I hope you fall in love this #weekend, whether it’s with a hike or a movie or tacos all over again. Or - and I know this is crazy but hear me out - maybe even a human 👭👫👬 pic via the always funny @wearemitu

I buried hundreds of those little mini hors d’oeuvres tacos until I just gave up 😔🌱🌮

brb, going to get my Medical Taqueria Card 🏥💚🌮 #tacotuesday

😵😵😵 not just yet, but after seeing this picture you can be damn sure I’ll be making a pilgrimage to @tacosybirrialaunica this #weekend! Have a good long weekend my little chorizos...go kiss someone who thinks you’re amazing 😘🌵🌮

I wrote a love poem for you, my little chorizos:

When I think
of all the times
that you let me
squeeze your limes
and the way
that you adore
gobbling down
my al pastor
that’s how I know
this is amor 😘

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️😉🌮

You know what I want on the #tacotuesday before Valentine’s Day. And every day, twice a day 😈❤️🌮 pic via @heeygianna

This #weekend, my little chorizos, reach out to the one that’s on your mind and let them know how you feel ❤️ If you’re thinking about someone, they’re probably thinking about you too 💑😌🌮

I think I’ve made myself pretty clear 😘❤️🌮

Yeah, I’m going to need that slider pushed alllllll the way up ❤️💯🌮 #tacos via @tacotrail

If you’re ever feeling down on a #tacotuesday, just remember that somewhere, out there, your boo is waiting for you, and when you find them, the two of you are going to eat a disgusting amount of food together with no judgement 😌❤️🌮

Monday morning, and I’m still feeling that Sunday in a variety of ways 😵 One thing that’ll make me feel better is giving away some FREE STUFF! The winner of Friday’s contest is @karmanx! Send a PM to @katieelizabethlettering to claim your card!

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