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Tabitha Ott : Jewelry  See my life--->@tabasaurusrex

Wing Necklace, 2008-2015
Repurposed Plastic & Aluminum
Handmade Sterling Chain and Hand carved plastic.
(Back view)

#Plastiluminum Earrings
Steel, plastic, repurposed Aluminum, and Sterling Silver

Trite & True, Earrings
Steel, plastic, Repurposed Aluminum, (Handcarved) and Sterling Silver
#plastiluminum #contemporaryjewelry #tabithaott

Propellor Earrings!
Repurposed Plastic, Steel & Sterling Silver

And last but not least, a long fringe wrap around necklace for
@condomcoutureclt !

Another piece for @condomcoutureclt
Fluffy Choker Necklace.
Rubbers and Ribbon.

About to drop off my pieces for @condomcoutureclt !!!! This is a necklace rubbers on a rubber cord.

fluffy #pinswap babes for #snagboston :)

#wip #pinswap #snagboston
My goal is 50 pins!!! Long way to go but I still have 3 days 😁😀

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