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She's contemplating her next move. 😂 "Do I get down and try and walk or stay attached to mama?" Basically her two options as of late... my little clinger. 😍😍

Even though we're in the midst of an entire home remodel, I still feel as though I'm in a season of quiet. The ebb of rest. The crest of activity is giving way to the flow of summer. ☀️ I think all we need is sunshine and babies in swimsuits. #summerherewecome

I love finding new food inspirations when traveling and after enjoying them in New York, we made our own Waffle Dogs! Hot dogs (or sausage) + Waffles = on a stick! They were a hit, especially with this orange maple glaze. Recipe on 😋😉 Plus, sharing my tip for getting through the week feeding a family of SIX and a #giveaway with @rubbermaid. #ad #storebrilliantly @shespeaksup

So this Mother's Day gifted me with lots of time to slow down... because we were sick! I think sometimes I forget to listen to my body until it's too late. (Am I the only one? Please tell me I'm not 🙋🏻 And then, you know, let's work on that together) Still working a bit from home today, but mostly cuddling this one and praying for her fever to pass. Sick or not though, we have a stage five clinger right here!
#haaaalp #needcoffee

Happy Mother's Day from my clan. To you mamas who rock it on the daily, whether single (my hat's off to you!) or married, working outside or solely inside the home, feeling like you're hitting the mark or far from it... cheers to you.

We were a bit of a hot mess today. We made it to church though and our plans for the rest of the day consist of nursing back to health at home. Thankfully all the big kids are fine and I'm going to kick this thing while I rest in bed. So yeah, happy Mother's Day. 😂 #sundayswiththeblues

Aria took her first solo steps and we were able to capture it on camera!! Ironically it's when we're talking about other things she likes too, like Similac's new Grow & Go Pouches. I'd say it was a perfect fit! #ad

Celebrate her first steps and see them on! Link in profile 👆🏻#Go&GrowatWalmart @shespeaksup

It's funny what I used to think a mess was before kids. And now, four little ones later, my definition of clean has changed. Oh I still have pretty lofty goals, but the daily execution of them? That's another story... and usually derailed by these two little ones before breakfast even hits the table. Okay, who am I kidding, they all leave a trail in their wake. Sharing 5 little ways for the sleep deprived mama to clean in her sleep on! 😴 Or you know, you can just have someone else, like @merrymaidscorp, do it for you, especially for Mother's Day!

What's one idea of clean that changed for you after kids? I think one for me is just the fact that laundry is never done! 😂

In a crazy turn of events... we have baby ducklings for the evening. Aliyah is duck-sitting these classroom babies for the night and it's been entertainment for all. 🦆See more of the escapades in stories!

It's that time of day. #coffeetime because sleep has been evading me already with a teething babe, and then we went and started a new series to binge watch last night and I couldn't stop. Who else does this to themselves?? 🙋🏻☕️ So yeah, #givemeallthecoffee... even coffee ice cubes.

Because some days just call for a break... and we definitely needed one. 🌊 ☀️ 🌴

Ahh! Mother's Day is always one of those holidays that sneak up on me, even though I know about it all year long. Ha! Sharing some of my recent favorites AND wish list on today in case you (or hubby) needs a little inspiration! Share it with your man if you want to give him a hint! 😉

It’s one of those things… if only we could go back in time and tell our younger selves. Motherhood. It comes with it’s own types of ups and downs, and seemingly it’s own rules as well. Something I’m learning, after four kids, though is to trust myself. There are certain things that aren’t necessarily taught or learned; these traits and skills are ones that you grow into. Like a mother’s judgement, love and intuition. If I could remind myself of one thing it’s this; a mother knows. We know when the cries are different than usual. We know when the tears actually run deep. We know when a hug is needed over a voice. We know when to say yes and when to say no. We know when a kiss is needed and when it’s time for medicine. We know what our kids can’t say. We know how to function through the exhaustion.

There are times other voices and noise want to crowd us, crowd our judgement, crowd our own voice of intuition or reason. But mama friends, I just want you to know this too… a mother knows. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. We all mess up, we all make mistakes and no mama is EVER perfect. But one thing will always be true, that bond between us and our littles is blood deep, the love is too. Today, even when you’re struggling with making those decisions, looking for lost shoes and running late, know this… you are doing great. Keep trusting your mama judgement, keep loving those littles, keep being their mama (there’s no one else that can do it quite like you!). And guess what? Even when we yell or make mistakes or forget to pack the bag just right, a mother knows love like no other, and your kids know it too.

Check out the video through the link in profile… it’s something that all of us mamas need to hear today (get the tissue!). It’s a message from a brand that supports mothers with love and encouragement for all of those hard choices, big and small. A brand I use and trust, with pure and proven care for over 100 years, to help me have healthy, happy littles. 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 #AMotherKnows @HylandsHealth AD

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