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Went out for brunch this morning, and then realized that with kids, it's not really brunch because they're up so early. At that point it's still breakfast. Needless to say, the brunch spot we wanted to try wasn't open yet, so we "plan-B"d it and found @highlandbakery which was so good! And really, none of it even matters, because those hugs 👆🏻

Can time just stay right here? Can she just stay this size? ❤️ Her laugh, her love, her zest for life and her growth slay me... in so many different ways. I just want to bottle it up! Also, so glad she's finding rest, during our pit stop home between travel we had to take her to the doc for her first ever sick visit 😟 Slight ear infections, and thankful she's on the mend. (Also maybe that accounts for some of those sleepless nights?!)

Okay, #ATL , let's explore.

Eeeeekkk! I’m SO excited about our new home, the remodel and this suuuuper tiny sneak peek with our new bed for the master bedroom and a @Lullbed mattress unboxing video with the littles that we put on #freshmommyblog .com today!

Seriously though, the kids are the cutest... even with Aria's little eye bump (thankfully not a black eye anymore!) #ad

Yesterday, ironically, was about water and yoga stretching my way through our road trip to Atlanta (and I did it coffee free ☕️ !). Today is about coffee and finding myself a pastry (donuts or cupcakes? 🍩 I can never decide!). It's all about balance right?
So, #Atlanta friends, drop your recommendations! Here through the weekend!

"What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness."
I've been feeling quite "in between" lately. Maybe it's traveling back and forth from the snow to the palm trees and back again. Whatever it is, it has me enjoying the sweetness that I find in the smallest of moments. Even the nights (like last night) when a teething Aria wouldn't sleep, her need for me is a sweet reminder of these moments together that I know won't always be. So even while the skies outside are the gray fog between the beauty of winter and the warmth of summer, I'm enjoying the "in between" sweetness with my little munchkin. Also? #givemeallthecoffee ... I haven't slept in two days! 😂😍
By the way, this photo is from our trip to the actual snow covered land of Montreal #attheomni , and it's all on #freshmommyblog .com. #sundayswiththeblues #AriaSleeps

Cheers to the weekend. To good friends that lift you up. To family that celebrates you. And to coffee. And chocolate. Let's indulge in a little of all of it today!
Also, I shared a recipe for this Mocha Chia Pudding on the blog this week and how to throw a picnic brunch (indoors of course!!). It's the perfect way to wrap all of that goodness up in on fun, delicious meal. ☕️ 🍫 #freshmommyblog .com

We've been like sleepy little bears hibernating in our cave... and now even more so because it's snowing! ❄️ #AriaLeeBlue #AriaSleeps
I stayed cuddled for as absolutely long as possible and have been keeping myself on time with the new (just launched!) @danielwellington #DWclassicpetite in rose gold and white and I'm loving it... goes with everything! Use promo code TABITHA 15% off at #danielwellington #ad

I spy a sleepy little bundle who likes to take up my big bed... even in our hotel room. 😍 Ps. We're still trying to recover from daylight savings! Any mamas in the same boat? #AriaSleeps #AriaLeeBlue

Part of choosing to love bravely, is choosing to love yourself ❤️. Sometimes? That can be the hardest choice of them all. So today, give yourself a little grace, say something good about YOU, get past the guilt of self-love and do something you've been wanting to do or try something you've been wanting to try. At the end of the day, when we've given all we can give, make sure there's enough left in your tank for YOU. 'Cause we all fall, we all make mistakes, we all have made messes of things, and we all can use a little self-love, a little more grace. XO
By the way, these tees are still stocked in the #freshmommyshop ! Link in profile. 👆🏻 Get your monthly statement tee while you can (and portion of proceeds help to fight hunger too! Win-win!)

‪Throwback to an ultra comfort food (and it's EASY!) on this #snowday !! Just search Mac and Cheese on the blog (you'll find a few fun ideas!!). Stay warm, friends! 🧀

Trading in our palm trees to head for the snow this weekend... bye Florida! 🌴✈️❄️

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