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t a b i t h a  I’m probably wearing the wrong shoes for this. Boss Lady @dillonjoyhairwraps

Just taking herself on a lil afternoon drive. She’ll learn to watch the road at some point.. right? I figure at this rate she’ll be right about 16.

You know, they piss me off some days. Most days... okay literally every other second of every single day. But those in between seconds when they’ve been playing while I clean & they come in the room prancing, laughing, and chanting that they’re elves. Well, that helps me forget that they’re actually wild beasts. Haha. I mean... but then they start fighting so 🤷🏽‍♀️ #harpzillathemicthrilla

The Grinch!!!

Goldie what is your face doing?! 😂😂😂😂

The bookstore has transformed into a Christmas village 🏘🤶🏼🎅🏽

My shop had our holiday launch today! I’ve sold out of over half of my inventory & this is where Gizmo lives now because of it!

Some relaxation for clarity 💕 my babies #harperandgoldiem

🔥 .
. #harperandgoldiem

Today has ended up being full of love and excitement and fun, and to think all we had planned was soccer & a lazy day indoors! Thankful for a street full of incredible neighbors/friends. Thankful for this cold weather. Thankful for the falling leaves. We went on a trip to target & they had a fun scavenger hunt for LOL Surprise Dolls, which made that a super fun trip too! Now it’s nap time. Work time. & rest time for us gals.

Harper only plays sports for the trophies 🏆

Aziz Ansari, & some other real funny comedians like Sam Morril & Phil Hanley!!!

I love my hair so much. It deserves more selfies than I’ve given it.

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