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t a b i t h a  I’m probably wearing the wrong shoes for this. Boss Lady @dillonjoyhairwraps

nobody knows anyone else, ever

Fallin’ for Fall. 🍂
.Except Texas is trying everything in its power to ruin it for me. Because it’s Texas for starters, but also I think our mosquitoes have somehow multiplied. I just ask you HOW 😩

These two brought in the first 2018 Autumn weekend with s’mores & a fire, Goldie & me took a long bath. Win/win

I’m sorry, did you say 4 years ago today? You guys. Look at all of our hairs 😍 @sashay_chantee @parisvintageco hashtagtherealestbitches

Morning Stare Fight 💫

Over the last month Austin has been out of town for work every single week. Me & the girls missed him after having him home for so long during his work leave, so we’ve just decided to cuddle more.

HAPPY AUTUMN SOLSTICE 🍂 my favorite season of the year, my favorite time, my favorite EVERYTHING. All year long I crave the smell of the Fall winds & the falling of the colored leaves. Go outside and take a couple of long deep breathes this morning, and soak in (literally if you’re in dallas) the perfect fleeting first Fall morning. ❤️ 🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂

Every morning, Every night.

She used to scream during book time, well let’s face it she just screams all of the time 😅 but now she wants to be like Harper so much that she copies everydangthang Harper does. Including reading 📖

Just in case you missed these crazy eyes in my “stories”! 🤣🤣 also, harper just came out of the bathroom with makeup on. So my 5 year old teenager is also doing great this morning 🤣


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