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t a b i t h a  I’m probably wearing the wrong shoes for this. Boss Lady @dillonjoyhairwraps

The bookstore has transformed into a Christmas village πŸ˜πŸ€ΆπŸΌπŸŽ…πŸ½

My shop had our holiday launch today! I’ve sold out of over half of my inventory & this is where Gizmo lives now because of it!

Some relaxation for clarity πŸ’• my babies #harperandgoldiem

πŸ”₯ .
. #harperandgoldiem

Today has ended up being full of love and excitement and fun, and to think all we had planned was soccer & a lazy day indoors! Thankful for a street full of incredible neighbors/friends. Thankful for this cold weather. Thankful for the falling leaves. We went on a trip to target & they had a fun scavenger hunt for LOL Surprise Dolls, which made that a super fun trip too! Now it’s nap time. Work time. & rest time for us gals.

Harper only plays sports for the trophies πŸ†

Aziz Ansari, & some other real funny comedians like Sam Morril & Phil Hanley!!!

I love my hair so much. It deserves more selfies than I’ve given it.


How many times over the course of one week do you visit the grocery store ☝🏽 & how many markets do you need to visit to get everything on your list? β€” I make at least 3x grocery stops & 2-3 different markets to find everything I need:want. πŸ›’ my sister thinks I live at the food store. Honestly, I don’t mind, I like getting out of the house for fooooooooood, and during the week it’s just the little things. I prefer to shop smaller so I waste less.

I need to take my hair out for a drink, she looks so good. πŸ’‡πŸΌ ✨✨✨ @nicolewallacehair ✨✨✨

When ya boo turns you from drab to FAB 😭 @nicolewallacehair I love you!

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