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Tabea Oppliger  Wife of @MattOppliger; mother of three. Loving on people with the unconditional love of God. Wild is my favourite colour.

I love everything that is unique. Special. Not the norm. My birthday gift from someone who knows me well. This wine. This name. Says it all. אחת: ONE. Only one vineyard. Harvested in August. In the cool night hours. At dawn brought to the winery. Sorted. Crushed. Aged in French wooden barrels. An elegant taste of different green fruit aromas: grapefruit, pear, green... I would add to the taste a touch of lemon grass and quince. #iamaloveroffinethings #ilovewine #itbetterbegoodwineornothing #ifyouknowmeyouknow #shabbatshalom

Missing my man @mattoppliger who’s in Switzerland for a week!

Rumors are like waves. Never underestimate the power of your words. They can send waves and ripples across oceans, building up in height and weight as they travel. If you haven’t spoken to someone directly you have no right to talk about them. . .
Drone 📷 by my son, @ruvencollin

A U T H E N T I C • R A W • R E A L .
Again, 👉🏼•see last post• you have your own question paper to complete your own life exam. Don’t copy others answers. They have a different test. #befoundinyourlane #nofilter #rawrealandrelevant

Are you looking through someone’s view on something or are you looking straight into the source?
Most people fail life’s exam because they copy others not realizing every single one of us has a different question paper. Let’s make sure we know first of all who gave us our life’s exam papers and second stick to answering our questions, not copying from others. #befoundinyourlane

I will never forget what my kitesurfing mate told me while I was practicing my jumps: “Tabea, you’ll never get better if you ride comfortably back and forth with the perfect kite size. You begin to improve when you take a kite that is actually too small for the wind speed and so learn to work more with the wind. Don’t fight the wind with a large kite. Take advantage of it and fly with the wind’s energy.” #lessonsforlife #justliketheholyspirit #whenyougosmallerhegoesbigger #learntobecomfortablefeelinguncomfortable #stepoutofyourcomfortzone

When the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends international judges your way. Thank you for fighting for justice with us, dear colleagues. #justice #freedom #mykitepride #businessforchange #saynotoexploitation #secondwindforkitesandpeople @air_kitepride

No filter needed. #nofilter #rawreal

To master the rope of life, you have to learn where to tie the right knots and where to untie the wrong ones.

Be authentic. Show your real colours. And be found in your lane. #befoundinyourlane

My precious soon 80yr old parents proudly wearing #mykitepride - @air_kitepride makes practical, unique, one-of-a-kind bags for every generation! Check us out in Tel Aviv or shop online #linkinbio #giftsthatgiveback #shopconsciously #socialbusiness #socality #secondwindforkitesandpeople #christmasshopping

The wilderness will teach you the glory of your journey.

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