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Tabea Oppliger  Wife of @MattOppliger; mother of three. Loving on people with the unconditional love of God. Wild is my favourite colour.

As I watch the women work in these “fields” diligently collecting seaweed at low tide every single day to later farm them into valuable products, I am reminded yet again of what it means to work faithfully with what you have been given and make something beautiful out of what may seem garbage. In a day and age when social media makes you think every one else has a better and easier life, it’s hard to stay focused and not to compare your “five loaves and 2 fishes” with others or how many talents they and you have been given. But when you put what you have to use you will see multiplication and blessings unfold not only for yourself but others. These women work together and never complain. Their daughters join them and smile as they collect bags and bags of seaweed knowing this is what they have and this is what they’ll make work not only for themselves but for others. #seaweedcenterzanzibar #socialimpact #focus #multiply #workwithwhatyouhave #gratitude

Never mind how messy you get in the process of living life to the fullest. Dig in, get yourself dirty and don’t forget to smile.

It is my greatest joy to help and teach my children to succeed and pass on the lessons I have already learnt. No parent wants their child to make the same mistakes they did. Multiplication is about raising the next generation to outdo what you could achieve. @leronoppliger it is my honor to be your #upwind rider for now and I am confident that soon the rolls will be reversed. #leronisupandriding

Never lose the kid in your heart.

No filter needed to marvel at the beauty of the Master Artist at work. #ohthesimplethings #together

“We need someone to speak spirit-to-spirit to the depths of our longing and bring clarity to our human confusion. There are far too many smoke-and-mirrors games in play in our culture. People are distracted by an illusion, while an operator behind the curtain controls what we see and hear. Maybe you are hiding behind that curtain, making things appear one way when in reality you are desperate to be seen. Truly seen. Our God sees.” @lisabevere bringing it once more and piercing the depths of my heart in her latest brilliant book #adamant - couldn’t be a better read during my Sabbatical

Sometimes in life you get limes and sometimes you get lollipops. #sweetandsour #enjoythemboth

SWIPE - About last night. My hubby thought he was surprising me with a sundowner on this beautiful jetty and I surprised him by getting all dressed up and renewing my vows. #20thweddinganniversary #whosurprisedwho

Isn’t life just like this in between moment. The moment that is not “posed”, the moment you’re explaining, communicating, working things out. That is the beauty of living and doing life together. That’s what most of our twenty years married looked like and will continue to look like. The in between. The on the move. The journey. The adventure. #20thweddinganniversary

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