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Tyler Sargent  Colorado State '21ish : Cycling Development-SCOTT

Nationals: a haiku -
Bike packed in a box
Racing Saturday past noon
West Virgina bound
#noshortcuts @scottsports @bikeonscott @srammtb @jakroousa @stansnotubes @dumondetech @schwalbetires @esigrips @genuineinnovations

RAMily is a decent pun, but we can do better

I CAM't wait to go to school here
Orientation was RAMtastic
RAMeally now, these ought to stop
(Okay I'll CAMcede that was a bit of a stretch)
I pRAMise these will stop soon
I offer no RAMorse

1. Wake up early from sleep
2. Beat the heat
3. Go find a hill that's steep
4. Climb till you say bleep
5. Forget about feeling weak
6. Repeat
7. Do this all week
#noshortcuts @scottsports @bikeonscott @srammtb @jakroousa @stansnotubes @dumondetech @schwalbetires @esigrips @genuineinnovations

Super cool to see the iconic director's legacy at the Francis Coppola Winery including props like the Corleone desk from The Godfather

In honor of the rain today, here's a throwback to when it rained all the time. You are sincerely not missed

#scott2luvit #noshortcuts @scottsports @bikeonscott @srammtb @jakroousa @stansnotubes @dumondetech @schwalbetires @esigrips @genuineinnovations

I procrastinated this post, but at least this way it's representative of my high school career #co2017

Late post, but hey, it's here. My final CA State Championship race of my high school racing career. (See previous post for the sappy stuff). Great race with great guys, unfortunately missed the podium, but it was hard fought and I'm happy with how it went
#noshortcuts @scottsports @bikeonscott @srammtb @jakroousa @stansnotubes @dumondetech @schwalbetires @esigrips @genuineinnovations

It's hard to believe that my four years of high school mountain biking are over. Last weekend on the start line of my last State Championship race, I thought back to my first ever ride with the team, and the spectacular crashing that ensued. I could not have hoped to accomplish anything without the dedication and support of many people along the way. Pictured here are three amazing individuals that have helped shape my high school career and transformed me into who I am today. Vanessa, our very own NorCal league director, is such an unbelievable person. She works to make mountain biking the greatest high school sport to exist, while also making those of us who race feel welcomed and included always. Mark Ferry, the fearless leader of Cycling Development, who has never wavered in his commitment to promoting the sport and advocating for excellence. I met Mark before I joined the team, and he got me so pumped to go out and ride, that the feeling remains to this day. And finally, Jon Hyatt. My primary coach, he has helped me achieve goals I never thought possible. Without his guidance, I would be nothing; his coaching has taught me so much about what it means to work hard and how to stay focused, lessons that will stay with me forever. I cannot thank these people enough for the lasting impact they have had on my high school experience, and I know their influence will sustain itself as I pursue goals outside of high school mountain biking.

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