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  📍SF Bay Area I 24 Cal Bear '15 ♥ I Columbia MPH '19

During my last week as an undergrad at Cal in 2015, I was reminded that He does not waste and that I was made well. Two years later, here I am turning 24 tomorrow blessed with a humbling and rewarding career, a loving partner, family, and friends, and the opportunity to pursue graduate study at an Ivy League institution in one of the greatest cities in the world — not to mention, being the first in my family to do so. I've had the privilege to travel to beautiful places this past year alone in order to learn more about myself and to develop a more informed and globally aware perspective. I learned to give myself grace when I fail and every obstacle I've ever faced has only prepared me to live life to the fullest. My heart is full and I feel incredibly loved. The best is yet to come!! Cheers! 🥂🎉

Perhaps my last home game before I move to NY 😢❤️⚾️ #bayareavseverybody #sfgiants

"What do you call a group of researchers?
- a sample"
#ohgodohgod #brbatthezoo

Happy Father's Day to my mom! You single-handedly raised me to be the woman I am today. You played both roles and did so exceptionally well. Our journey has had its challenges: from leaving everything behind in the Philippines to facing homelessness in the US. You sacrificed so much to give me the best life possible and you did it all on your own. And even against all odds, your resilience, kindness, and selfless nature radiates. I am so grateful and humbled to be loved by someone like you. I love you. ----
To the men who have played a role in my life. My Papang, step-father, and titos. Thank you. Happy Father's Day to you ❤️

A big potato ft. a smol potato 😍#puppiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #playdate

Above average cake with above average friends ❤️thanks for coming to send @iblamego and me off to Ireland and NY early #nonewfriends #somenewfriends

Back at work but wishing I was still in Chicago with @gsg! At least it's Friday! #tgif (also 10/10 would recommend riding the water taxi) #swipeleft⬅️ @shorelinesightseeing

An amalgam of my fav cities, amazing food, and traditional and modern architecture. Thanks for blowing us away, Chicago (both figuratively and literally) 🌬#windycity #vacationmode

You can't call yourself a baseball fan and not visit Wrigley Field when you're out here in #chicago

"Panic: a natural progression" captured by Iphone 7

Cloud gate shenanigans #beantheredonethat

Hiding from the wind 👀 #chicago #navypier

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