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Hannah Marie  The temperamental kind

I was showing my brother and his gf all my pictures from my trip and now I’m just sad and want to go back and realized I didn’t post some of my favorites.

Unintentional black and white

Very 70’s for a drag wedding reception

It’s crazy that has already been 3 years since I lost my dad and my grandma. The craziest part of it is how much you can heal in 3 years but also feel the same sadness that you felt the day it happened. I might feel like I didn’t have enough time with them, but the short time I had was amazing.

Having a day of missing this guy so much (more than usual)

He’s still the cutest...Even though I had to clean up 2 throw ups this morning.

I don’t understand how it’s possible to miss someone so much after being away 1 day. 😍😍😍

Hi from Copenhagen