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Amanda Bronowski  I am a mom of 4 boys, type 1 diabetic. I am here to support you on your fitness journey and and help you along the way!


No matter how bad a mood I am in I can always count on my 4 amazing little and not-so-little men, to make me smile. Had a blast at the fair even during the thunderstorm🌧⚡️🌈

Day 13 and I am totally NOT feeling it today. Woke up grumpy because of a 4am low blood sugar and then a 6am pod failure and all on my 1 day a week I can sleep in. I am grumpy and moody. BUT I got my work out in, followed my meal plan and am hoping a trip to the county fair with the kids will brighten my mood. It sucks to push through when you dont want to, but sometimes you just have to say to yourself "Suck it buttercup results dont give a **** what kind of mood your in, just get it done 😡💪"

Day 12, some pool cardio with the kids and soothing my aching muscles. But I am already noticing a difference in my strength, flexibility, and stamina. I cant wait to switch some things up and add heavier weights and push myself even farther. I am happy I committed to this program and I will stick to it! Bring on week 3!!💪💪💪

Day 11 and this is the face I make when I have to squat for 20min. My booty is burning! 🍑 And then topped it off with an intense ab work out and bam ready to relax. Have a yummy dinner cooking in the oven and a movie with my big guys! Perfect ending to an incredible day 💪💪

So this is a little different than my normal posts, but the blog about my speaking engagement at PRINT 17 has been published and I just had to share! I am so excited and honored to be apart of this panel! I feel like a giddy teenager! Check it out! ❤️

Day 10, and my muscles are aching. So my favorite remedy.... eucalyptus salt bath. After a super long day at work and these aching muscles this is the most glorious retreat. I have my juice in case the hot water drops my blood sugar, and ready to recharge for tomorrow! Adding weight and lengthening my cardio, bring tomorrow on 💪💪💪 But tonight I soak 🛁

Day 9 is all about refueling. I hit it hard with weights and cardio and this little beauty is keeping my energy up. Whey protein, blueberries, p2b, and greek yogurt. I am amazed at how well my sugars are stabilizing especially with the increase in calorie intake. But I am not complaining. I think I finally got the meals and timing down, so I cant wait to see what the rest of this week brings! 💪

Day 8 is all about celebrating. I made it through week 1 and man were the obstacles thrown at me. But I didnt quit, I modified and got right back on track. Now going strong into week 2. Food on point and ready to get some serious cardio in at the pool. But before that a few moments to bath in the sun's rays and reflect on why I am doing this and all the benefits my body and health will receive. If I would of given up when I got sick, I would only be letting myself down. And you should always be able to count on yourself, first and foremost. Now off to do some laps and chase some toddlers around! 😎🔥💪

Day 7, recovery day. And old man Sparky was my work out buddy. Just some light cardio and ab work, but someone wanted all my attention while I was on the floor. What you don't see is my puppy Nala, licking my feet profusely as well. These 2 never leave me alone when there is floor work...lol. I am so ready to start week 2. Hopefully these antibiotics will have me feeling 100% very soon! But I am kicking it up a notch🔥💪!

Day 6, today was all about taking it easy. I slept in, snuggled with my little men, and even felt good enough for my workout. I even got some cardio in school shopping for the boys. And the added bonus a good friend volunteered to stay the night with the boys so I can go out and have some fun. Might cheat a little on my meal plan, but life is all about moderation. And this mama could use a night out! 😎

Day 5. Had to visit the Dr today as I had a miserable night last night. So somehow my TMJ caused an infection in my jaw sooooo painful! But now I have antibiotics and some pain meds, and hoping to feel better soon. Had to take one more rest day today and what better way to spend it than with my little man watching cartoons. He wanted to do silly faces, but this was the only one that didnt hurt my face....lol. So back at it tomorrow, and meal plan has been followed......and double bonus found out at the Dr I am down 5lbs!! 💪

Day 4, keeping myself accountable but thankfully it is a rest day because my booty is stuck in bed. Sore throat, cough, fever, chills, the works 😷 Home from the office and straight to bed. Hoping some rest and homemade garlic veggie broth will kick this to the curb for day 5! ☹️

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