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Amanda Bronowski  I am a mom of 4 boys, type 1 diabetic. I am here to support you on your fitness journey and and help you along the way!


If you're diabetic you know that traveling can be an ENORMOUS task! First you need to remember all your supplies, and your back up supplies, and your back up to your back ups....etc. You basically need an entire carry on just for all your life sustaining travel gear. Not to mention having to worry about flying and airport security, and what you can take on a plane...blah blah blah. Traveling can be stressful enough, without having to worry about diabetes. So I have learned, as I have been in a different state every week for the past month, to breathe and relax. You can only do your best in preparation, but something can and most likely will stray from your plan. Get to the airport a little earlier, let TSA know if you wear a pump or CGM, pack supplies in more than one place in case luggage gets delayed, but most of all just be prepared for anything. Like accidentally ripping your CGM sensor off at an awards dinner and not having a back up. It happened, I had plenty of test strips and I survived. This disease has already taken away so much from us, the hell if I will let it take away my love of travel. And if you love travel and or beer, check out my bff's page @beerandabackpack trust me you will be happy you did!

For as long as I can remember my one main goal as a teen and young adult, I wanted to be skinny. All the fad diets and long runs, and focus were all working towards that. How low can i get the number on the scale or how many sizes can I go down, it was the center of my world. A viscous cycle that perpetuated over and over again......then In a whirl wind I was having my first child, diagnosed as a T1, and finding out I was pregnant with son number 2 though I had just become a new mom. Everything in my world had been turn upside down, and things that I thought were important, just weren't any more. Including being skinny. I was a new mom and trying to figure out this brand new lifelong disease and my head was spinning. So I decided to focus on one thing.....getting stronger. My life now depended on it, as well as the life of these 2 little creatures. So I started lifting, weight training, little by little. Building more and more strength, until i surpassed my first goal, 10 push ups. And then on an on from there, to now where I can knock out kettle bell push ups like its no problem. I feel amazing and healthy, and stronger than ever. So even if your world gets turned upside down and nothing make sense, find one thing to focus on, to conquer, and take it one step at a time, soon you will be looking back so happy you did 🙂

Life with diabetes is unpredictable and just when you think, "I got this!" T1 has a way of completely fudging it up . Today i had good numbers all day, was looking forward to my work out. Got home, changed my clothes, started with some yoga stretches and all of a sudden BAM! my Dexcom is going off like a fire alarm. I was low and dropping even lower fast. Dang it I was so pumped to lift today. But instead I was laying on my floor, shaking like a leaf and my 3 year old comes out the kitchen, arms full of juice boxes and fruit snacks, lays them next to me then curls up on my lap and just sits with me. All the while i gorge on the sugary array he just delivered. So my plan might of went way off track, and the work out i thought was going to go down didn't. I got to spend some rare quality time with this little bug and ended up adapting my work out so it involve him, and man, it was fun. The truth is nothing we do can change all the twist and turns in our life, but instead of letting that ruin your outlook or change your mood, I say f**k it and enjoy the ride!

One of the most important things I want to pass on to my kids is strong healthy eating habits. Having diabetes where your life is centered around monitoring and controlling what goes into your body, really shines a light on how important nutrition really is. Every Saturday morning the kids either make or help with breakfast, and since my older boys are at practice these little bugs are my helpers. I let them participate in each and every step and try to explain how each ingredient is going to help our bodies in different ways. They absolutely love it and are waking up earlier and earlier each weekend foe this special time. I am trying to build a solid foundation for them to grow with for the rest of their lives as well as hold myself accountable for what example I am showing them. Plus there is no motivation better than having a 3 yr old yell in a public place "mom you better not eat that, its not healthy and will give you a big butt" From the mouth of babes....lol.....they are always watching ❤️

Who hates unsolicitated advice????? Having diabetes it seems like anyone and everyone is an expert. Do this!! Don't do that!! If you would just lose weight it would go away! You can't eat that!!! Why would pasta affect your blood sugar, it's not sweets???? And the list goes on and on! And what I have learned is that even if you are diabetic it doesn't mean that your body reacts the same way as other diabetics! It's an everyday struggle to deal with managing diabetes let alone having to hear others criticize or question everything you do. So what I have learned is to say "To Hell with Them!!!" I don't listen to anyone but my own body! I have made it my quest in this health and fitness journey to see what works for me! And it is a lot of trial and error. Some things work and others fail, but I am still trying. What I found that worked for me I are shakes that have done wonders for my numbers! And a work out plan I created with ALOT of trial and error. I just want to share my story in the hopes that, maybe I will inspire you to try something. Anything that will improve your health is an enormus step from not trying anything at all. Our cards were dealt and we must play the hand we are given. I sure as hell will not stop playing the game!!! I deserve a win in my health just as much as you do. So why wouldn't you try, something, anything? After everything we have to go through WE ALL deserve the WIN! So don't give up, keep trying new things, and don't get discouraged by anyone else. This is your life, your choice, your victory! Have a wonderful day!!!

A fun filled after noon of playing, running, and just having fun. I love the warm weather because the kids just want to be outside. We took to the local park trail and had to stop at each station. And they all tried their feats of strength. In this sedentary world it makes me a proud momma to see my boys embrace physical activity outside. It is never too early to start!

No filter needed this morning as nature has provided and undoubtedly beautiful background for my yoga. Stretching and harnessing inner peace is so important in a diabetic and non diabetic world. Our bodies provide so much, its only fair we treat them well. Mine has grown and nurtured 4 amazingly wonderful little boys. It provided a place of safe shelter for 9 months each time, growing and protecting my greatest treasures. And though the functions may need some aid, I still can not, not be grateful for what it has done. So do something to give back to this vessel that carries you through this lifetime, you deserve it.

Love waking up to this! Couldn't keep my numbers up yesterday and was worried about sleeping, but did a 25% decrease on my basal and woke up feeling great!

I must admit I have never been a big fan of tea, especially hot tea, but man o man I did a complete 360 it! I now drink tea every night before I go to bed and most mid days. I have found a new world I never knew about! There are so many types and flavors and health benefits, it will blow your mind. Weight loss, calming, stress reliving, sugar reducing, medicinal, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on....... So if you were like me and tried everything to avoid this fantastical little drink, stop what you are doing and go get some!!! It will truly change your world!!

On a rainy day like this, when my blood sugar is kinda wacky, I needed to harness my super hero power and get a killer work out in. Weights, cardio, I hit it all and might feel like round 2 later! No pain no gain!

Now that is more like it! Some of you might be looking at that pic thinking "What the heck am I looking at??" LOL and that's ok. There are also a few of you out there that know exactly what that is and can share in my feeling of accomplishment for that. See that is my continous glucose monitor graph and that line reresents the "almost" normal range of blood sugars for my day. After Sunday and my epic failure to stay on track I had mixed feelings. On one hand I thought "man this sucks, I worked hard all month and one little cheat and I am back to square one, why do I even try?" Then after my little pitty party was over I started to think clearly again and saw it this way "Hey it is only one bad day out of bunch, remember when your numbers were like that all the time. Stop your sulking and lets get back on track!" Thankfully that 2nd little voice over powered the 1st one, and I jumped right back in it. I watched what I ate yesterday, had my shake, got my work out in, and even played some hoops with my son while the sun was shining, and guess what I am rght back to having that beautiful line you see there! Everyday we have a choice and it is our choice alone. Are we going to feel sorry for ourselves and give up? Or are we going to fight like hell and give diabetes or being over weight, the big middle finger! You might have days that suck and they might get you down, but remember giving up only leaves you in that place of failure. So instead pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and get ready to feel that amazing sense of accoplishment by getting yourself back on track and being stronger than ever!!

After being sick for what seemed like forever, it felt great to get a full work out in!! No matter what wants to hold you down, we all will rise up!!

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