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Amanda Bronowski  I am a mom of 4 boys, type 1 diabetic. I am here to support you on your fitness journey and and help you along the way!


So today was the best day ever! Not only did I finally get to talk to my bff @beerandabackpack I got his awesome hat in the mail today!! Even though I miss him like crazy, I am so happy for the work he is doing. Traveling the world doing volunteer work, helping animals and the environment. And he has a pretty kickass blog about all of his adventures in volunteering and exploring the local culture #beerandabackpack check it out!

So it's one of those morning where everything seemed to be going great. My numbers were perfect, kids were happy, I actually cooked a pretty kick ass breakfast......and then, as life tends to do, chaos broke out! Nala tripped me up as I was practicing my hand stands and made me fall on my head, found out my heavy bag was damaged earlier this week, all my weights were scattered on the floor, and my weight bench tried to kill me as someone adjusted the leg height and didn't snap it back into place.......so my perfect peaceful morning was going down the drain. And I sat on my uneven bench and thought for a second..." I could let this ruin my whole day.....or.....I could use it" So I decided to use it and my rage building and had an extreme work out. I added more weight than I ever have, i propped my heavy bag up and demolished it.......and now as I lay here, with every muscle in my body aching....I can smile. Turn some negative vibes into work out fuel and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish! 😩+😡+💪=😁

So I might have a bit of a glasses problem....lol! Just got my new frames for the summer! Love them!

This is the oh so familiar topic. Body confidence, do you feel comfortable in your own skin? I have seen so many posts lately of these beautiful fitness models comparing poses of “Insta-world” vs “reality” and I think it is great. But it had me thinking, what about the average woman, who no matter what she does, can’t find that “Insta” pose that she likes. No matter how she sees her body it is always in a negative light. So, I went out of my comfort zone and shared, because for the longest time I was that woman. No matter how I looked at myself I couldn’t find that pose I thought looked good, that pic where I didn’t criticize some aspect of my body. It took me a long time to come to realize the amazing things this body has done, and I needed to embrace it and nurture it, not put it down. My body carried 4 amazing human beings for a combined total of 3 years. So maybe I have the marks of motherhood on my skin. My body fights a battle everyday with itself to keep me alive. So maybe I have the scars of injections covering my skin. And because of that I work. I work for the body that has carried me through this life, through all my most cherished and devastating moments. And maybe I don’t look like a fitness model, and maybe I will still have some of those negative thoughts in the back of my mind, but we owe it to ourselves to celebrate the body we have. We have the power to change it if we don’t like it, but that should be coming from a place of self-love not self-hatred. So I challenge you to embrace your body, be comfortable in your own skin, nurture and take care of yourself, not because you hate what you see, but because you love what you have. #loveyourbody #comfortableinyourownskin #realwomen

On a day like today I stop and think not just about my dad, but my first introduction in to T1D. All my childhood I watched him fight, live, and eventually pass from this awful disease. And when I was diagnosed we formed an even more special bond than father daughter. We were fighting the same battle for our lives every day. I often still, on particularly hard T1D days, find myself asking him for advice and guidance. But I know he wouldn't want this to defeat me, he would want me to fight for a long and normal life. And even though he is gone, he still is my source of strength. Love you dad!

So this photo is a little different than my fitness and diabetic posts, but I wanted to share. This photo represents a huge milestone in my professional career. I was asked to speak on a panel for a local conference I attended this week, and it was a huge honor. I am in a very male dominated field, so getting to speak was a huge deal to me. Well while attending this conference I was approached and commended for my work in the field and then asked If i would speak at my industries largest conference in the US. I was blown away. I have been working hard for years and years learning every aspect of my trade and to be acknowledged, as a young woman, in this industry is just indescribable. I am so blessed and so thankful and can't wait to see what is in store next! #girlpower #girlboss #fiercemama

My favorite thing about wearing my diabetic equipment out in the open is meeting other 'bionic' diabetics, especially kids. I was at the pool this weekend and there was a little guy, maybe 4, kept running up to me and running away. Finally his mom grabs his hand and pulls him up to me. My first thought was "oh no did one of my boys squirt him with a squirt gun!!" But this little guy touch my Dexcom on my leg and then turns his arm around to show me his matching CGM. His mom said he never met anyone else with a Dexcom or pump and he spotted me the second i walked in the door and he had to show me his. It was sooooo sweet. I gave him a big hug, told him how cool his equipment was. He left with a big smile and said he would look for me again. Being diagnosed as an adult, i cant imagine how these little people do it. They are sooo strong and so brave and are really an inspiration to me. So even though some days really suck, its times like this that just make me smile.

And some days you feel like a super hero... I treated myself to a new gadget today so I could easily read my numbers during my work out or running around outside with the kids. And wow am I impressed with myself. Everything just clicked. My eating was on point, my workout was intense, and my numbers were awesome. Though most days it feels like a never ending battle, sometimes you need to pat yourself on the back and appreciate just how badass you are. Fighting for your life each day, but not letting yourself miss a beat, even if not all days aren't like this why not celebrate the ones that are. So stop for a second and no matter how bad the day is or how defeated you might feel, celebrate the fact that you are here and your are trying, because thats all any of us can do. So lets kick ass and take names super hero style!

Heading to the gym means showing off my hardware. For the longest time I would try to hide them, get embarrassed when they beeped or had to be adjusted. People would stare and often ask questions, and I would politely tell them but quickly leave the conversation. Then one day I met a woman who came to me with a huge smile and revealed her own "pancreas on the outside" and we talked and shared stories. I finally came to see, that little piece of plastic and parts is apart of me and keeps me alive everyday. So why shouldn't I show it off proudly. We fight a life or death battle everyday and we are winning, that is pretty badass. So next time you want to hide your hardware or sneak away to take a dose of insulin remember, like it or not this is our lives and something that is apart of us.....so why not own it and show off, you never know who you might inspire if you do!

Think I might of overdid it today, swimming, yoga, weights, abs......and got a little bit of sun as well. My numbers are cooperating right now, so I think I am just going to lay here for a little bit.....😅

So another ride on the diabetic roller coaster. Woke up this morning feeling good and a nice 120 BG. Started moving around getting ready to have some coffee and bam dropped to 60 and going down. So I of course over corrected and shot up to 300. Totally frustrated I decided I need some zen time. Grabbed my pup, tossed on my running shoes and took a nice long run in the woods. It was peaceful and calm, and the only thing I had to worry about was Nala chasing the squirrels. Got back, feeling great and my numbers had stabilized. Sometimes you just need that you time, to center, focus on yourself, and forget the stress in your life. Though things may always seem chaotic, you need to know you have the power to just stop, step away, and center.

On this dark and rainy day I needed a reminder of the sun and the sand. Ready for outside runs, trips to the pool, and yoga on my deck. The summertime is a time to be vigilant of your blood sugars, heat and exercise can alter them dramatically so make sure to ease into a new routine and always carry extra sugar with you when you venture out. Test out your routine and see how your body reacts, you are your best judge on how your body works, so listen to it......and lets have some fun in the sun!!!

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