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Tiffany Tsou  UGA 2020 | GSMST 2016

Right now we are all smiles because of school cancelations & hilarious memes (not complaining cause both are beautiful things 🤓), but let's not forget to keep those who have already been affected by Hurricane Irma in our thoughts & prayers ❤️As it approaches ATL tomorrow, I hope everyone stays safe!!! ☔️

Turning 19 means it's my last year as a teen... But these peeps have gone through it all with me so far 🐣From HMS➡️GSMST➡️UGA➡️My Future #thankyou #awkwardgaps 🎉

Thank you to these amazing people for taking the time to show us around the city!! 🇯🇵🇯🇵 1. 见了妈妈的好朋友,很可爱很友好的阿姨~ 2. So glad that we got to see Hitomi & Ayumi again!! But this time in their home country 🤣

Today was officially the last day of this summer study abroad program in Shanghai. It has truly been such a great experience & the best thing about it is probably the people I met. ☺️☺️ ⚠️Caution: Very Long⚠️
1. This photo was taken in 留园 (Lingering Garden) during our day excursion to Suzhou! It's definitely a calmer vibe than Shanghai but beautiful nonetheless 😍 (thank you Emily)
2. During our free weekend while others went to Beijing or Hangzhou, 泽佳 and her friend were nice enough to take Jacob & me out to 田子坊 & other cool sights 😎😎
3. We had dinner with our Chinese teacher & she's probably one of the nicest & most caring people I've ever met. She's genuinely interested in us as people & I'm so honored to have been one of her students 🤓
4. Our globalization teacher took us to Thames Town, a "copycat" city of London, located on the outskirts of Shanghai, but when we visited the cathedral, we had a quick outfit change to respect the rules 💃💃
5. Special thanks to LuLu (@lilu9031) & Cheamy who were the local interns for CAPA that basically guided us throughout the whole program. It's been such a pleasure getting to know you both~ ❤️

Explored the other side of the river today 🌊🛶

6 MONTHS AGO ➡️ I found a poopy picture of this view on Google to announce that I would be studying abroad in Shanghai... 🤓
TONIGHT ➡️I took this picture on my phone right before my eyes & was literally speechless... 😱

What a MAGICAL way to end the 1st week in Shanghai 💫⭐️

고마워요 언니 😬 #shesveryscary #donthurtme

First day in Korea & already found bae 😚 #couplepose #butnocoupletees

There are two types of friendships 😍😵(No Youngshins were harmed in the making of these photos)

This year, I didn't have money to buy her nice clothes, a new purse, or fancy jewelry 😔😭Instead, I wrote her a letter & thought of a lasting idea 🤓





Happy Mother's Day!
I've realized a lot of things this past year. After finishing my first year of college, I know how challenging studying is, how tiring making money is, and how short our lives are. So from today, I have a challenge for you. Every day in this journal, write about your day. You don't need to write much; you just have to write. There will be happy days and sad days, but you have to write them all down. If you start today, you'll get to look back when you're older and see how you've lived your life.

Not being home every day, I've come to understand how big of an impact you are in my life. I'm very thankful. I will continue to work hard to make you proud. Don't forget to write!

Most dysfunctional but genuine small group 😜
Thank you Juliane for being a devoted & caring leader for all of us! ❤These people have truly made my first year of college so incredible & I'm grateful for every moment we've shared together. Wishing everyone the best of luck on finals & a very safe but LIT summer!!! ⚠️

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