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💜Tiffany💙  CCC🤷🏼‍♀️||Flilipino🇵🇭||12😝||Volleyball😍||Athlete💟||26.1.05✨||Besties😆💜||tiffany_0213👻||

You can't bring me down🖤💜I miss you @beckylam_ 😭💜🖤

6年finish lu😭💟Miss you all💓✨Plz don't forget me🙃希望想中學會很開心😊💖加油😘💘💗#neverforget💞🙏🏼




6A is the best😭💓
I will miss you all😕😘
Even though you are annoying
Noisy will still be apart of 6A🙂🙃
I will miss hanging out with you
Guys,I will miss making jokes
With you guys,I will miss
Everything we have done together😭
So I hope you will go to a school
That will make you happy😚😉
Don't forget me😭❤️
You guys will always be in my❤️

Spider man😭💓💓


I only can think of 16😹如果冇tag對唔住😛❣️

She makes me happy💓🙂
She loves me for me💞😚
She's my bestest friend ever😝❣️
When I'm sad,angry,happy
she's always there for me
No matter what😘😌
I'll love you FOREVER😍💞❣️



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