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Tiago Silva  1REBEL Master Trainer / Consultant / PT / Sports Fanatic - 🇧🇷🇬🇧 Twitter - @tsilvafitness

It’s launched 🚀 @1rebeluk Victoria is on to change the game!!! Big shout to all #RebelArmy that joined me yesterday. #1rebel

(Repost @1rebeluk) “This is my Ride” - Who’s joining me this week? Energy is through the roof to Ride with you #rebelarmy
Monday: Victoria 6:15pm
Wednesday: SMA 7am/8am
Only few bikes available.

It’s not just about going hard on your body with workouts. Relax, Refresh and Renew. #streaching

Happy #worldoceansday - The ocean really matter to us all, whether we know it or not. Up to 8 out of 10 breaths we take come from the oxygen provided by the ocean. The ocean holds over 97% of the water on earth and covers over of 70% of the surface. A big chunk of all life on earth is aquatic. The ocean and the life in it are the life support system that we all depend on for survival, health and prosperity. Yet the ocean is under attack from plastic, pollution, agriculture and other human activities.
The ocean deserves more than one day, but this world ocean day, let’s resolve to make more ocean friendly and more sustainable choices with what we choose to use and do. #oceanday#rebelagainstplastic

Could exercise with your partner be one of the keys to a long-lasting and happy relationship? We can for sure boost our relationship with indoors or outdoors sports/activities. Moving our bodies together lends an energising quality to the activity. The endorphins released when we exercise can help us feel more positively toward each other, and getting our heart rate up can increase excitement. Afterwards we’ll feel stronger and more confident, which carries over into our strength as a couple. #moveyourbodytogether

What sports do you love?
I found surfing in very young age. The years go by and I fall more in love with surfing every day. That has a lot to do with the mindset surf can give to me and the freedom I feel when I enter the ocean. The ocean is my place of solace, where I can experience a connection with nature, with my creator “God” and feel calm and relaxed. It gives me a canvas and provides me with an environment where I can create and inspire and motivate myself and others. I'm very grateful that I can still find that every time I set foot in the water. #soulsurfer

300 million tons of plastic is produced annually. Pollution from plastic bottles is on the rise and we have the power to reduce it! The simple act of carrying your own water bottle anywhere you are and refill will make a massive difference in our environment. Forget single-use …REuse, REfill, REduce & REcycle. #rebelagainstplastic#1rebel#refill

...it began with a scream and ended up with a smile. It gives the sensation of flying, and it's such a miraculous notion to go into the air and see mother nature with a different perspective. #adrenalinejunkie

How do you escape? From jumping on plane and uncovering mysterious lands, to discovering new corners of your own backyard. We peeps are all about escape - it doesn’t matter how you do it just that you do it #EscapeTheMundane

I had the pleasure to see the fitness progress of this gentleman. Mr. Tom Stratford has completed 1000 classes and we had a little surprise for him! ps: @1rebeluk has been opened for 1300 days. #ILoveMyJob#1rebel

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