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Tatyana Shepard  Look at me

My prayers go out to Manchester and Ariana I'm so sorry Ariana I can't believe this happened to you I'm so sorry I really have no words 😶 I'm so sorry Ariana @arianagrande #teamariana #arianator #arianagrande #arianagrandefanpage #ariana

She is wining today go to my live.ly to watch my sister play her LAST GAME

Pick one . Who am I to you?

SIBLING WAR! ⚠ Answer how you feel about you and your siblings. 1 .Who's the smartest? Me
2. Most Spoiled?Me
3. Most sensitive? Me
4. Worst temper? Lexi
5. Most social? Lexi
6. Most stubborn? Lexi
7. Who's mom's favorite? Byron
8. Most likely to fight anyone? Lexi
9. Best cook? Me
10. Best Clothes and Shoes?lexi
11. Who was the bad kid? Me
12. Who has the biggest heart? All
13. Who's the quietest? Lexi
14. Who's the worst driver? Byron is the only on that can drive 🙄
15. Who was born 1st? Byron
16. Who is better at sports? Lexi
17. Best hair? Lexi
18. Most kids? 😐
19. Coffee drinker? Me
20. Who is the loudest? Byron
21. Most expensive taste? Me
22. Most bossy? Byron
Copy, paste and put in your own answers.

Photo bomber much #true #photobombed #crazy #puppies @pups

Reshare he'll do you a favor

Ily Ariana grande this is probably so true for me it's ridiculous #true #arianagrande @arianagrande @frankiejgrande @arianagrandebiz4lyfe @arianagrandesofficialbackup

Love my cousin ❤️❤️❣️

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