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Ronan elm  17, entrepreneur, suck ass at riding but I'm still better then your local scooter kids. Follow: @psyclepath.co.nz @the.relm.bmx

The new whip looks lit, thanks to @psyclepath.co.nz for putting it together haha! @bsdforever @the.relm.bmx

If I publish this who would download it? @the.relm.bmx

Not long and I'll be riding again 😏

Go check that shit out @the.relm.bmx

Oh Dunedin... If only I still had a bike 😧

Follow @the.relm.bmx and stay up to date with my website progress fam!

I suck so bad but hey here's a bit of a throw back.
📷: @cynicalanddepressed

Hmm, 118ft? Do I drop it?

Yeah booooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...

When your bike gets stolen

@nigels_durrys no chain no worries


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