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T. | πŸ₯€  Toronto | social construction is social destruction.

"I accidentally left my falafel sitting out all night 😩😩😩" - the girl in the pic πŸ™ƒπŸ€£

I spent another day with my girlfriend and I'm so happy πŸ’™

Lol and apparently tomorrow's weather is gonna be in the negatives again πŸ™„

"Word up my G" - JD

I'd quote Drake, but there's more life in being nothings who turn into somethings. πŸ₯€ #hahafuck #forgiveme

Not much vegetation out there yet, so here's an inside pic! Happy Spring 🌿

When spring is around the corner, and you'll have to put away your baby until next winter season πŸ₯€ #details


Idk if I miss his bun or na #glowing #lmao

Pockets weren't made for holding anything...they are there solely for the purpose of giving people a place to put their hands...and not have the hands awkwardly and idly hanging somewhere in photos...such as this #lololol

I don't wanna do my 8 page research essay on climate change. πŸ™ƒ


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