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S Zoet  Beauty lies even in humble, perhaps ugly things... Albrecht Durer iPhone only

Dodger Stadium, my old's been too long. Good to be here--Go Dodgers!!

Such a pleasure to watch the lovely @bkwheat8 get married to a great guy. An amazing girl--independent, modest & knows how to drive a tractor. Fun to watch young love, especially knowing they are in it for the long haul, with their faith front and center.

Ah Roma...I have a weird connection to this city--I think I'm part Roman somehow. We just don't have anything like it here, where you walk along the Tiber River and gaze at buildings built almost 2000 years ago.

I promised lots of photos from just didn't happen on the trip, due to wifi and the frenetic pace of chaperoning.
The thing that gets me is the craftsmanship and detail in Italy--this is inside the Doge's palace in Venice.

Yesterday in Assisi--beautiful place.

One nice part about chaperoning a school trip is doing things you may not otherwise do--like learning how to make pasta from an Italian chef--amazing experience!
And the man behind her is my new Italian crush , Max. His animated talking made me totally understand what he was saying, mixed with my teeny bit of Italian knowledge--he kissed my cheeks at the end of the night, so I finally got another new Italian experience.

So, does living in cities with so much character and beauty ever get old? Every building in Florence has some awesome detail or texture. The stonework...perfection.

Taking advantage of wifi in pizzeria today! In Firenze so of course we did the Accademia first, then the Duomo...more to come.
Love every time seeing David how they line the hall with his unfinished Prisoners so you can see the process--awesome.

Prepare for your feed to be flooded the next few days with pics from Italy. After the next 15 or so hours of travel...

"How to Capture Beauty in Ugly & Mundane Subjects" I wrote an article for the DPS website if you want to check it out--shares and comments would be appreciated.
Link is in the bio

Goal: to get the kid thinking art museums are cool
Plan: take him to @lacma , ignore 99% of the incredible art, and let him see some stuff a 5-yr old would think is awesome
First up, the #rainroom --luckily we got on the email list for when they added tickets, because this was for me more than him quite honestly, but he was pretty excited about it.
And it was awesome.

Thanksgiving is the best holiday, hands down. Why? There's no competing commercialized messages to it--it's a day set apart for family, food, & gratitude. And as much as I love the food, I love that most people stop and thank the Creator for what they've been given, if only for one day.
In that spirit, I'm thankful we waited and had our son later in life. I would have been a different parent back then, even if I have to trade it for less energy now.
But...I'm still working on how to be grateful for the the fact that twice in the last week I've been asked if I'm his mom or his grandma... Maybe this weekend I'll be grateful for hair color...

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