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Ben Bonnici -Personal Account  📷 Photo By 🌞/🕵Fight Ninjas By🌛 - Photo Services: IG @HeritageParkStudio - Creative Portfolio: IG @bsquared_creative

On to the next project!

Last two days of our Winter Wonderland Promo! To book just click the link in our bio on @heritageparkstudio
Promo is being held at @prodstudioto at Dixie and Dundas.

DM me for ant questions 🎅🎅🎅

Kick off to our annual Winter Wonderland Promo🎅🤶
With my main model/studio assistant #SloaneBonnici

If interested check out our promo page, linking in our bio @heritageparkstudio

They act like there 5 😐


Happy birthday to one of my oldest friends who's becoming an old lady before my eyes 👵🙈

Sloane couldn't pay for her doughnuts so they put her to work! 🤣🤡💜💛💙💚

Two peas in a pod.

Here's a little behind the scenes of our photo shoot with @infusecafebar
Check out the full artical on our blog. Link is in our bio: @heritageparkstudio
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